Radiation monitoring of the rocks in the quarry and products for compliance with NRBU-97

Radiation control of rocks in the quarry and products for compliance with NRBU-97

the rock somehow have certain elements that are radioactive. As is known, the radiation affects the human body, and these elements are contained in the materials for construction. Therefore, there are established norms that allow construction materials, which are used in the construction of residential and other buildings to have a certain content of natural radionuclides.

 Limitations on the use of mineral raw materials with high natural radioactivity are determined by the normative documents in which rules are allowed; requirements in relation to the assessment of natural radioaktivnosti that have minerals, while provedenia exploration on the deposits of raw materials from which building materials; "the System of norms and rules of reduction in the level of ionizing radiation of natural radio nuclides in construction (1997)". Therefore, for the implementation of research related to the exploration, dobisch, processing and consumption of mineral resources, all subsoil users must comply with all above applicable standards.

all spectazole for subsoil use, regulating the work of mining companies discharged "Special conditions of work". One of the clauses of the Special conditions, there is a paragraph on "Annual radiological monitoring of the rocks in the quarry and products for compliance with NRBU-97". Accordingly, the minimum 1 time a year, the subsoil user must confirm the condition of the natural radioactivity, which have minerals and finished products produced from these minerals. For this purpose, in the career should be regularly radiology, namely: measurement of dose rate of gamma radiation and sampling in mine workings and their research in specialized laboratories, according to guidance documents. The end result of these works is the report on the work performed in the prescribed form accompanied by certificates of quality and certificates of samples of raw materials, as well as the log measurements and the card-scheme of sampling.

During the inspections of subsoil users by the bodies of state geological control mandatory verified the performance of the works under this item, special permits, and all violations and deficiencies entered into the inspection report with the requirements of their correction and elimination.

Radiation control of rocks in the quarry and products for conformity to requirements of norms of radiation safety of Ukraine-97 is carried out by qualified specialists of the company “the Guild Engineering”. The company has all necessary high-precision equipment in order to efficiently conduct radiological studies. We have our own certified laboratory, which conduct research on samples which had been extracted in mine workings.

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