Radiological survey of the building

People tend to care about their health, thereby affecting the quality of life. But there are factors in the environment, badly affecting the human health, are impossible to recognize without special studies. Such factors include radiation. Therefore introduced radiological survey of the building prior to commissioning, during the execution of works on reconstruction, as well as before the overhaul.

Nature of the materials used in construction, to some extent possess radioactive properties. It depends on the amount of radionuclides contained in the rocks. Conducted a comprehensive study of the radioactive indicators of mineral deposits. Determines what class, depending on the degree of radioactivity is building material. Houses can be built only from materials with low radioactivity, belonging to 1 class. However, research has shown that being a long time in the room, people receive additional radiation exposure. Radiological survey of the building is intended to control radiation hazards. If the radiological survey of the building commissioned into operation will show the allowable values of radiation indicators, if you cannot solve the causes of enhanced radiation can be changed purpose of the building and out of the housing stock it will be translated into non-residential. In some cases, if the building cannot be used even for industrial purposes, it will be destroyed. the Radiological survey of the building commissioned into operation is mandatory and is carried out regardless of how many were conducted radiological surveys of raw materials and construction materials in intermediate stages of construction. The commissioning of a new building, or buildings after major repair or reconstruction into operation without performing a radiological survey is illegal.

the Construction company may contract with the company LLC “the Guild Engineering” on the radiological survey of the building. The company's specialists perform radiological examination of industrial sites. Laboratory of the company was accredited according to the current legislation and has a Protocol mapping of regulated radiation parameters. the Radiological survey of the building can be made according to customer's request and during the operation. During radiological survey of buildings measured absorbed dose of external gamma radiation and volumetric activity of radon in the indoor air. The order of execution of measurements and number of measurements in a certain area of the premises regulated by the normative documents. Radiological survey of the building can be performed throughout the year, only when the temperature in the surveyed areas falls to minus 10 degrees, the readings cannot be removed.

On the territories of industrial areas radiological survey of industrial sites is carried out to control the level of radioactivity and identify sources of ionizing radiation. Measurements are carried out over the entire area of the industrial site: surveyed buildings, the area and everything located on it objects. When conducting radiological control activities at the industrial sites of nuclear power plants examines the exposure of people and the condition of the sanitary zone.Areas of former industrial sites designated for the construction can be located on the old burial of radioactive waste. It is therefore necessary to conduct a radiological survey of areas of proposed development.

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