Radiometric measurements in the quarries

When carrying out geological works quite often used instruments with which to measure background radiation. This is especially true when implementing mining operations, during which it is likely to encounter rocks that contain radioactive elements. Therefore, to control  radiation background at the site of development and requires skilled professionals who are capable of producing all the necessary measurements. Consider this issue in more detail.

Perhaps, it is almost impossible to find someone who wouldn't know how much of a negative impact of radiation on the body. And if one exposure to another may take more or less painless, permanent and regular exposure of people leads to the onset and progression of chronic diseases, and in the worst case to death. Therefore, any production, one way or another associated with the effects of radiation on human is harmful and requires the use of special protective items.

However, in order to figure out how difficult and dangerous is the situation, it is necessary to regularly monitor and carry out all necessary measurements. This is the only way to ensure that not exceeded background radiation. Of course, for such observations, it is necessary to attract experienced professionals who will be able to inspect and advise you accordingly.

the Company company “the Guild of Engineering” is not the first year has services on carrying out radiometric measurements. Our staff have considerable experience in the implementation of these works in terms of varying degrees of complexity. We only work with high-precision equipment and use at the time of survey the latest technology. This combination allows you to perform all surveys quickly and efficiently, so the customer can be sure that after a short period of time he will be able to have the accurate information about the background radiation of the investigated object.

Very often such measurements are needed when working with exposed workings, particularly in the quarries. Thanks to such studies, it is easy to find radioactive ore, focusing on their gamma radiation. This will require certain equipment and the use of special techniques. However, the devices and methods of their application depend entirely on the task. That is, if the quarry is being developed with the specific aim of finding ores containing radioactive elements, the specificity and scope of measurement will be one. But if development is developed for mineral exploration or extraction of construction material, and radiometric measurements are made only for the control of background radiation, respectively, will be used completely different methods.

In any case, our professionals using high quality equipment is able to not only detect the zone of radioactive contamination, but also is able to calculate which elements of its cause. Also, using the results of such research, carried out geological mapping of the study area.

mining radiometric measurements in the career have significant practical value and are made quite often. However valuable are the only reliable data, which can provide only highly skilled professionals. This is quite important, since the quality of the work and the correctness of the information received depends not only on the production process in the target object, but also the safety of the people who work there.

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