Radiometric measurements

Probably hard to find someone who is not worried for his safety. However, quite often, most people do not depend on some of the nuances that they cannot change on their own. These peculiarities applies background radiation. Dangerous levels of radiation may be, and the materials from which the building to be erected and rocks that are deposited on the selected areas. In addition, such observations must be made in a variety of industries, including metallurgy, mechanical engineering, environment, mining, Geology, etc.

we Know that any object that has been exposed to radiation, in the future will be dangerous for people. The radiation level decreases very slowly, and thus adversely affects the health of all those around him with such items for a long time. If the radiation dose is negligible, it may cause immunosuppression and the occurrence of chronic diseases.  higher level of regular exposure can occur cancer.

This very seriously, especially if in the house, during the construction were used the contaminated materials that children live. Most often, problems can occur with the metal parts of structures, because they are quite often with melted material, which should not pass security checks. Accordingly, it is desirable to monitor all of the material that comes out of the production, because in the future all products made from it can be in close proximity with people.

in addition, quite often radiometric measurements conducted in research related to Geology and mining. With the help of special equipment it is possible to identify rocks containing radioactive elements by their gamma radiation. It is also necessary to carry out radiometric testing of the mine workings and open pits.

mandatory radiometric measurements in environmental monitoring of the area. This is necessary in order to be able to determine the zone of radioactive contamination. Once these areas are clarified and documented, you work on finding radioactive elements that create an unfavorable background. According to the obtained results make the decision on how to enter to the selected area and determine the level of danger to others.

to produce all the necessary research, use a variety of methods and use certain types of equipment, the choice of which depends on the assigned tasks and the data that you want to get eventually. Accordingly, the devices significantly differ in weight and volume, and not always convenient for frequent transportation. Of course, that something like the study, you can only trust the experienced professionals who know how to use all the necessary equipment and can make the right conclusion on the basis of the results obtained.

the Company company “the Guild of Engineering” provides services for conducting radiometric measurements. Our employees work with the most modern high-precision equipment, using the latest technology to get accurate results that are true. We only work with qualified professionals, able to efficiently perform their duties. By ordering in our organization carrying out radiometric measurements, You can be sure that promptly get a reliable result, documented properly.

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