Calculation of the amount of raw material in open warehouses

calculate the number of raw materials in open warehouses: what is outdoor storage and what method can be performed in the counting of material on it

Gravel, sand, gravel, brick construction, beams, reinforced concrete, cast iron pipes, timber, various raw materials - such materials, parts and structures are stored in open warehouses. In open warehouses store materials not requiring protection from atmospheric influences (temperature changes and humidity, direct sun exposure, precipitation).

Surface of the open warehouse is planned, it should have a slight slope to drain atmospheric and surface waters. The surface can be spiked with draining material and compacted. Construction materials and raw materials, usually stacked in piles. Sand, gravel, crushed stone and other materials arranged in a certain sequence. During construction, arrange on-site warehouses that store the materials. In industries also organize open warehouses, which can store various raw materials.

no Matter what warehouse stored materials - at the base, staging, precinct or on-site - everywhere requires knowledge of the number of materials. The exact calculation of the amount of raw material in open warehouses can be performed geodetic method.

Geodetic measurement of volumes of loose materials: technology of the works and the tools

Bulk materials stacked. The surface of the pile may have any configuration. For geodetic determination of the volume of granular material in the pile must have imaging of the surface on which lies the stack, and imaging of the surface of the pile. To capture the image of the surface of the pile using reflectorless total stations that allows to determine the spatial position of points located at some distance from the instrument. For measurements on the surface of the pile of granular material can be used total station "LEICA" TCRA - sample of the most modern equipment. Modern total stations carry out measurements with high accuracy. Measurement accuracy is specified before beginning work. Also in the device before the beginning of measurements required to make the direction of the coordinate axes. The direction of the coordinate axes set on the basis of a computer program, which is supposed to perform the processing of the results. If the direction of the axes when shooting and during the subsequent computer processing of the results will not match, you will need a lot of time for post-processing. Therefore, the task of correct configurations when working with total station is one of the most important factors in quick and quality work. The device responds to external factors in the production of measurements, therefore making the data about ambient temperature and pressure.

Defining the parameters of a sufficient number of points, with the help of computer programs build a model of the surface of the pile of the bulk material. Because the surface of the pile is uneven, remove a large enough number of points. The greater the number of points will be removed, the better the model. Geodetic measurement of volumes of bulk materials can be performed with high accuracy. A computer program divides the entire built model stacks the section within which finds the volume. Next, the resulting amounts are summed, and the result is the volume of granular material in the pile.

Surveyors company "Guild Engineering" own methods of measuring the volume of loose materials and can calculate the amount of raw materials on the open stock. Field measurements performed at the sites of the warehouses. The use of advanced computer technology allows to perform calculations quickly and accurately. During post-processing removes uncharacteristic and erroneous points are added need to calculate points. So the calculations needs to perform a competent specialist, able to correctly interpret measurement data.

calculate the number of raw materials in the open storage for bulk density of soil

If you calculate the volume of the bulk material is not enough and you want to calculate the weight of material in the pile, performed the laboratory determination of bulk density of the soil, folded in a pile. According to the applicable standards are calculated limits the bulk density of the soil. The estimated weight of the raw material in the pile is determined by a formula which includes the values of the estimated volume of the stack and the bulk density of the soil. When making documentation for raw materials, bulk and weight are calculated, specify the device type. Records the type of instrument, with which all measurements were performed, and the accuracy with which this device performs measurements.

the Actual weight of bulk raw materials on the open stock may differ from the calculated weight. The magnitude of the mismatch between actual and estimated weights can affect the error of the measurement device that performed the work. Therefore, the specialists use in their work devices with minimal measurement error.

Also the actual weight may differ from the estimated due to the fact that the material in the pile can pour, it can change its fractional composition. Weather conditions can cause changes in the humidity of raw materials on the open stock that will result in changes to physical properties of the material, folded in a pile.

Information necessary for our surveyor to calculate the value for the calculation of the volume of warehouses

  • warehouse area (ideal photos or points on maps, Google, Yandex);
  • availability of surveying poverhnosti base;
  • location of warehouse (city);
  • if the stock dumps a few, their number and the approximate amount (+- 10 000 m3);
  • if a few warehouses, all the warehouses.

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