Calculate rates of earthworks

Which will be able to operate with numbers the customer who received the calculation results

In the phrase, "excavation work" laid down their meaning. This actions associated with excavation, embankment and movement of ground masses. They always accompany the construction works are at various stages from planning to site preparation to construction and digging of Foundation ditches, tranches with the movement of the removed mass, to backfill sinuses of trenches, backfilling and landscaping.

the Calculation of indicators of the volume of excavation

while calculating, the surveyors company "Guild Engineering" will provide data on the number of masses to be removed from the pit or trench, the volume of soil required for the construction of embankments of a certain size. When planning areas for improvement will be provided information about the total amount of shortage or surplus of land at the site and information on power feeding or cutting for different areas of the site depending on topography. When removing topsoil from the construction sites will know the amount of soil. All these figures will help plan construction, prepare the necessary amount of equipment, in advance, to arrange storage of the soil.

How is the calculation of indicators of the volume of excavation?

To perform any calculations you need to know the surface level of the terrain. With the aim of obtain these numbers surveying. According shooting the topographic plan is drawn with contour lines. The more complex the terrain, the more detailed will be calculated.

there is no need to count manually. Specially created to calculate the computer program instantly calculates the shapes of the most complex configuration, and it boils down ultimately to cost the earth. The need for compaction and loosening of soils during extraction of natural addition taken into account by introducing appropriate coefficients.

In a computer program, except existing surface, inserted project numbers in accordance with the estimates carried out, namely:

  • configuration of the pit and depth;
  • depth and length of trenches;
  • stamp-plan areas.

Different composition of the soil have different angles of repose, which is taken into account in the calculation.


Calculation of indicators of the volume of excavation: what are the methods underlying the calculations?

let us Consider some examples:

    Suppose you want to calculate how much soil will be excavated from the pit with the preliminary removal of a fertile layer (provided that the construction site is smooth). In this case, the calculation reduces to the calculation of volumes of simple geometric shapes (truncated pyramids), you only need to know the capacity of the soil. If the pit is deep and will be developed to various difficulties in the development of soils are involved, the data obtained by the geological survey.

  1. When calculating volumes of excavation for the linear facilities are aggregated volumes calculated for the successive plots. Moreover, the more difficult the terrain, the shorter will be the intervals for which the calculation is performed.
  2. To plan for the area calculations are performed by constructing cartograms. The plot is divided into a grid of squares, and within each selected square are calculated. In the corners of the squares are calculated working level, representing the difference between the geodetic (black) and planning (red) markers. Separately counted amounts of positive and negative values.

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