Breakdown of the Foundation

Any property, whether a private home or a large entertainment complex, must have a solid and strong Foundation. Each parcel has its own characteristics: one smooth and the other placed on hilly terrain with slopes, near water, etc. the Soil of each plot has its mechanical and physical and geological properties. All this affects the choice of type of Foundation and depth of his favorites. Therefore, an integral part of the beginning of any construction engineering and geodetic surveys, which should be entrusted only to qualified experts. In this article we will talk about such an important geodetic service, as a breakdown of the axes of the building.

first we need to define what constitutes this geodetic service and what is its purpose. breakdown of the axes is a series of activities, the implementation of which is necessary for accurate rendering of an object on the terrain with the project documentation. To ensure that the surveyors began their work, they need the presence of the following original documentation:

  • master plan
  • the plan of the Foundation;
  • built drawings;
  • the plan of dividing the land for the Foundation;
  • planning scheme justification.

Разбивка участка под фундаментa breakdown of the site for the Foundation is clogging the pegs. Initially, put the shit in the corners of the future facility. She transferred the principal axes of the future building. The axis are fixed from the start of construction and before final completion. It is very important that these works were carried out efficiently and competently. The slightest mistake can lead to irreversible consequences - deformation and destruction of the building. In order to move the axis of the building project on a plot of land sufficient to find the location of the point, which passes the intersection of the axes. Further, by calculations determined by the other points. In those places, where the intersection of the axes (which are major), pegs are driven, the centers of these intersections is fixed by means of a nail. Checkpoint with principal axes connect by using this line, cord or wire. The use of a plumb allows you to move the axle on the shit. Designated risk is fastened by a nail on the shit. After doing all these actions are measured distances between the control points and principal axes and along the diagonal, which must match. Otherwise, it will be necessary to implement the offset angles.

When making a transverse axis to follow the main rule: the angle must be 90 degrees. To comply with this rule breakdown of the axes for the Foundation by using a special survey equipment - total station. This high-precision geodetic instruments, which allows to obtain accurate data of angles both vertical and horizontal, as well as in the measurement of various distances.

Turning to the specialists of our company "Guild Engineering" You can be sure that a breakdown of the site for the Foundation will be done efficiently and quickly, with the breakdown of the axes will be respected all the rules, and the object will be accurately rendered with project documentation on the terrain.

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