Breakdown of axes of the building Foundation

Before starting any construction are carried in the nature of the dimensions of the future building, determines the size of the pit and the necessary volume of excavation works. After the construction of the pit (if necessary consolidation of slopes, the device runs, layout and seal the bottom to the design elevation...), clarifications and adjustments to the amount of excavated earth masses (the definition of the actual volume of excavation works, preparation cartograms counting), Executive training schemes in the basis is the removal of characteristic points (building axis, rotation angles of the Foundation, elevations...) in the pit.

With the use of modern, high-tech equipment and high qualification and wide experience of our specialists, this task can be solved in the shortest time and with high precision. Also eliminated the need for bulky constructions of the center points of the network, as a breakdown can lead shortly, or in execution of construction works, which positively affects the speed and quality of construction, reducing the possibility of losing or damage the geodetic signs of center-based.

After the erection of the Foundation is the geodetic survey of its basic geometrical parameters and location determined by the deviation from the project Executive scheme drawn on the basis of which, if necessary, adjustments are made for further construction. Time is composed of the Executive documentation will allow to identify and eliminate various defects, errors, which in future will allow to avoid exceeding the tolerance deviations, fixes, and other kinds of downtime, and accordingly and material losses.

The need for full and thorough and timely geodesic maintenance at the initial stage of construction structures are obvious : it provides the basis, the Foundation for the entire house, in accordance proper, design geometry and vertical position is very important. Further geodetic presence and control over the performance of work are not less important and is an integral part of the construction process.

The presence at the construction site geodesic maintenance is necessary since the start of excavation work and until the completion of the construction, will allow to realize conceived from a project into reality and to withstand any, even the most complex geometry of the structure.

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