Breakdown of the axes of the piers, Foundation

The construction of any building or structure, regardless of its size and purpose begins with the laying of its Foundation, which must be durable and reliable. Depending on soil characteristics determine the type and size of the Foundation, ensuring the longevity of the construction of the future of the property. On those parcels of land that are problematic from the point of view of Geology, pile Foundation is laid. Piles come in a variety of wood, steel, concrete and reinforced concrete. Pile Foundation is very relevant in the construction of buildings and structures on soft soils and often are laid on such land plots, which are located near rivers, lakes, ponds, and wetlands. Piles are bars or it can be the pillars that bury into the ground. Through them, the load is transferred from the object to the ground.

Pile foundations is the most popular of Foundation. It's all in the convenience of their installation, and performance on problem areas from the point of view of Geology. For any type of pile Foundation you need to conduct some preliminary surveying, in particular the breakdown of the axes of the piers. It is a job that is never executed independently, on their own. It requires professionals who are competent in carrying out such works. Because any error, the error may adversely affect the final result. In addition to the qualifications of the experts, the people performing this work must have the appropriate equipment and skill to handle it. It's all there in our company to provide you with quality task.

Breakdown axes pile Foundation is from the axis and reference points by drawing with the help of total station. Is it after made excavation, the pit was dug. Submitted axis should be noted pegs. Breakdown occurs under the special scheme. It underlies the whole process. You need to accurately transfer the points that are made in the nature of the mark was identical with that project.

Before you can score a mark, you need to perform geodezicheskoy shooting piles, who already scored on the site. This procedure is also carried out on the basis of project documentation. In addition to the site itself and its objects, it is necessary to take into account the circuit ground and underground communication lines and routes traffic messages.

Breakdown starts with the layout of the hive. In the case when the piles and bushes much removed from the axis, you must first move the axis in parallel in order to bring them. However, with the use of new and professional equipment, this process becomes much easier. You can simply perform alignment, which will contain all of the axial intersection point. Before the piling, it is necessary to validate their vertical position and monitor this indicator need throughout the process. This is easily doable with the help of a theodolite. If there is any deviation from the vertical position, it means that somewhere a mistake and something went wrong.

There are several methods by which you can produce a breakdown of the axes of the pile grillage is breakdown of obroski and pit. If the process is running on obroski, it may be solid, casement or rarefied. And if you choose the second method, the axles are broken at the bottom of the pit and are marked by pegs, which in the future will vynessa on onosko.

however, work was performed, they must be documented. First of all, must be made the Act of breaking axles pile field, and to it is attached a graphical document - Executive drawing. It contains all the key points - all axis, a distance from one another, rags, benchmark and other information. All this is done by surveyors with special permissions to work. The only way you can be confident in the correctness of their implementation.

We can offer you breakdown of the axes of the pile field and pile Foundation new station at the price of UAH 1000 for the whole lot!

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