Breakdown of land for construction of house Foundation

the breakdown of a plot for building a house, the FoundationIncorrect execution breakdown of the construction site is the main source of error is quite common when building houses. The construction of houses for the wrong marks, subsequently demonstrates its correct position in the building. Construction organizations competent in this, define a "red line" of development, given the prospects for growth and development of the village, city, etc., the Deviation from this rule will lead to costly demolition of buildings and new construction.


Before splitting the territory, which will perform the construction work, it is necessary to set the zero mark. Special care and precision you need to follow when future home will be at the same level with the street. The sidewalk is a public place, so the developer to address it should not. The breakdown is performed in the vertical and horizontal planes. In the horizontal plane at the earth's surface are determined and fixed axial position of the building, the Foundation, the width of the door and window and openings, and the vertical depth of Foundation pit, its height, the sexual level, the height of the walls and cap, beam the location of the joists. This breakdown of the house on the ground will be executed according to the General plan, building plan and the plan of the foundations.

Who should do it

Perform the layout of the site for the Foundation designer will be perfect, because he is aware of all the necessary requirements that apply to the plot. At offset pegs, which define the boundaries of the site, quite possible errors in the measurements. Subsequently, it threatens with legal proceedings, if any part of the house is adjacent plot.

the Basic requirements

the Breakdown of the house on the plot is very responsible and important event, it depends on the integrity of the structures of the whole house. The main point of the building issued by the organisation performing design a layout. Boundaries are usually marked with pegs. The designer makes these points using surveying instruments. First of all, the attention of the developer should be focused on the main building, rather than the other, auxiliary and subsidiary premises of minor importance. But even for them there are very strict regulations. In most cases, this occurs when a temporary building used for housing during construction, and later the building is expanded. In this case, it all starts with comments from regulatory authorities for supervision. Ultimately, the house has to carry.


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