Breakdown of the fence marking of the pillars of the fence geodesy

the Breakdown of the fence marking the posts under the fence geodesy

the Beginning of any construction begins with identifying the turning points in the area, which are defined in the State Act on land. On the reverse side of this document drawn diagram of the site with dimensions of the sides and angles of rotation at each point in one . Usually the owner of the site thinks that this drawing is enough for a surveyor to mark fence posts, but it is not so. In order to confidently say: it is at this point you need to set a boundary geodesic mark, instead of which in the following will be a fence, you need to do the following:

  • Find the geodetic company has all permits in order to legally conduct business.
  • to Make the contract look work called: "the carrying out of the boundaries of the land of naturo".
  • Send by e-mail cadastral number: 9810136900:04:041:0260, as well as the area to control.
  • Surveyors book in your inventory room coordinates in SC-63, each turning point is X,Y.
  • Having the coordinates professionals visit the site with the necessary equipment(total station, GPS) and land-marks.
  • Surveyors produce the removal of vnature with the fastening points of the columns.
  • From these points you can perform a breakdown of how the fence, and the markup under the fence and do surveying the entire site.
  • it is Advisable to warn the neighbors that they saw surveyors and asked them questions to avoid neighbor disputes.
  • At the end of the work signed by the ACT of removal of the borders with the scheme of fixing pillars. The scheme must match the schema for the State to Act.
  • One copy is kept in the organization, the remaining(1-a, 2-e, 3-ri) at the customer.
  • final settlement is Made.
  • the customer undertake reviews and letters of recommendation.
  • Put boldly fence and not worry about its correct installation

Let us consider in more details: what is a service "Removal of land boundaries". This type of work involves the consolidation of landmarks in the area, due to which fixed point of the turning angles on the ground. The procedure, called the removal of the boundaries of the land plot is carried out in several stages: preparatory, field and office.

The first phase includes the collection of all necessary data about the land, namely, information about the area, information about who is the owner of this site and the data of the geodetic coordinates of the turning points in this area. All these data are obtained through a cadastral number. It is sent to Denisemasino where you can access exchange file which contains this information. Having you share information publicly, it is possible to carry out the work of compiling all the necessary documentation.

For preparatory field should stage at which the work is carried out directly at the site using a special survey equipment, electronic total station. Is the consolidation of landmarks. After the signs are installed, the surveyor should measure the set point. This procedure is carried out in the presence of the owner of the land, and also requires the presence of neighbors to avoid further neighbour disputes over boundaries.

The Desk is the final stage. It takes place in an office environment. At this stage, all the data obtained during the field work, processed, compared to the actual coordinates with the project. In the case where the coordinates do not match and there is some doubt, it is necessary to check not only the area, which is problematic, but all without exception.

Quality and timely implementation of this service, as the removal of boundaries in nature, you will provide the company "Guild Engineering". Our experts conduct these activities with innovative equipment that allows to obtain the coordinates with accuracy to the millimeter. Turning to us you get the performance of the service in the shortest possible time. We understand the importance of the services that we provide, so to each our objective fit competently and responsibly.

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