Development of a detailed plan

When will the implementation of new construction or reconstruction of a building or structure is development of a detailed site plan. He also prepared for the territories of parks, towns, coastal protective strips and industrial areas of construction. To the existing detailed development plan may be various changes. This document is being developed on electronic media in concert with the customer. On a detailed plan of all the elements that are in the area, are denoted by common symbols. The company " Guild Engineering" uses of the special programme for development of the plan and to make all changes on existing. Thanks to this software is:

  • compliance with all requirements and norms in the drafting and execution of all text and graphic materials;
  • the increase or reduction of graphic materials and breaking them down into fragments;
  • protection against unauthorized interference;
  • the ability to create an indefinite number of copies without loss of quality of the document.

Development of a detailed plan is work aimed at the preparation and design of a document containing information that allows you to take the necessary decisions regarding the placement on-site of real estate, in accordance with all town-planning conditions and restrictions of use plot. This is accomplished with the help of certain indicators, which are individual for each study area. These indicators include:

  • built-up area (it is possible to limit the maximum or minimum area)
  • population (based on the population of the district or quarter);
  • area of parkland or green space;
  • the number of floors of the future building (possible restrictions on the maximum or minimum number of storeys);
  • Parking spaces
  • possible impact on the environment (the construction industry) and more.

a Detailed plan should also contain information on trails of utilities that take place within the boundaries of the land.

On a detailed plan, you can make certain changes on the basis of the changes that were made to the General plan and other plans of the territory, by quarter, related to the land plots, which are displayed on this document. These include changes in:

  • target purpose of the land;
  • improvements architectural solutions;
  • serving institutions;
  • view territorial zone;
  • the functional purpose of the land;
  • planning structure of the territory.

it Should be remembered that a detailed plan is not subject to review expertise. This document is drawn up in three copies for transmission to the customer. One of them must be colored. Also a detailed plan of the territory can be transferred in electronic form.

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