Development of geodetic schema

Graphic materials are the main documents that are developed as a result of the different geodetic procedures. It all drawings, plans, schemes have been key to the geological survey, for the sake of compiling graphic documents and conducted research activities. Each of these documents includes a specific set of information that is developed according to certain rules and regulations. So, to display a complete picture of the land use plan, and if we are talking about a large area, it is advisable to make a map. Its purpose is the development of geodetic scheme.

Schema in geodetic work can be developed in several directions. The first is the scheme of the land. In this case, it is made for a particular area and is preceded by some action in this area. Often such actions is the construction of some elements or improvement of land. This scheme is developed on the basis of information received during the topographic survey. This document transmits data about the situation of the territory and allows you to identify sites under construction or location of certain elements. In this case, everything depends on the individual characteristics of the site, from its shape, square shape. These indicators appear first on the diagram, and only then, according to them, you can go to the so-called space filling of the site plan elements.

But there is another trend that is developing geodetic scheme. This Executive work. As a result of their conduct formed the Executive documentation. And the main graphic material it is built survey scheme. If the plan covers a large area, the scheme is able to convey all the subtleties of a specific element or object within the area. More just spend the Executive procedures and, accordingly, develop geodetic scheme for complex objects and elements:

  • the earth;
  • communication lines - water, gas, sewage, heating, power lines, communication lines;
  • individual elements of the new constructions, which is the key - the Foundation, columns, floors, roofs, and others;
  • construction in General in the final stage, when the construction is finished and just need to enter a new facility in operation.

All of these sites are in the process of Executive surveys, the results of which are compiled geodetic scheme. It contains mainly quantitative indicators - coordinates, distances between elements and whole objects, diameters, sizes, angles and lines, levels, gradients. This scheme makes it possible to identify differences between the result and the data incorporated into the project.

Geodetic scheme, like any other document from the category of geodetic requires accuracy and compliance with all relevant standards. Regardless of what scheme you need a diagram of the land or the Executive geodetic, they both must be done at a good professional level. And even if we are talking about a very small area, you in any case can not do without this procedure. Anyhow you are going to improve its territory or want something to build on it. Yes and installation of new communication lines will require a full package of documents, including a scheme for re-registration. To develop this graphic geodetic document efficiently and accurately you will be able specialists Guild Engineering.

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