Development of the pit for the Foundation

Any construction of various buildings, the laying of the Foundation of permanent and temporary roads, and other objects, always starts with a conjunction of earthworks which ensure the sustainability of real estate, regardless of the type of foundations.

On this day, the company Guild Engineering provides a service for the development of the Foundation pit. Excavation is performed mechanically and manually excavating the ground sinks into dump trucks and transported to a dump, recycled. The planning is performed with the help of a bulldozer.

Pit — this is a huge notch in the surface, first of all, it is necessary for the Foundation of the device, and for carrying out other works. It is important to calculate the schedule of work, to agree on the optimal chain for the export of soil from the site. Also need to make an accurate calculation of the volume of soil that you want to take out, otherwise you may need to buy it. Precision movement on the schedule is a guarantee to begin the substantive work accurately in a timely manner, and further promotion without time shifts later.

Order of operations. Before starting work, protect the construction site temporarily install the fence, and held the light. The complex of works sequentially produced during the development of the pit included:

  • geodesic breakdown of the area;
  • slice, moving, stacking and removal of topsoil;
  • redevelopment of the area of construction, which provides temporary runoff of water from the surface;
  • for laying underground communications, and also to migrate existing, to dig trenches, arranged intra underground collector comprising a collecting structures;
  • after the laying of pipelines in the trench and in sinus underground reservoirs, the soil is backfilled and compacted;
  • prepare the ground under the rails for tower cranes;
  • is the vertical planning of the construction site with the rammer in the field of podsypanina ground;
  • work to make a base for driveways, permanent roads and sites;
  • in the pit soil is being developed for the underground part of the building.

having our own fleet of construction equipment allows the company " Guild Engineering" to ensure fast and high-quality earthworks on the objects of industrial, civil and transport purposes. Digging of pits and trenches is carried out by the excavator, layer-by-layer removal and leveling of the ground - scrapers, bulldozers and graders, transport - dump trucks, compaction - rollers. In previous years the company has managed to increase the accumulated successes, and to receive recognition from many partners and customers. The company have something to be proud of - most of the company's customers are once again turning in her that speaks to her ability to perform the work in a timely manner and efficiently. The company Guild Engineering always works in coordination with the Customer for optimal results.

the Cost of such works depends on various factors, but primarily on the implementation technology. Among other factors:

  • features and characteristics of the land;
  • depth and the necessary design for laying the Foundation
  • soil bearing capacity;
  • the availability of utilities;
  • ground transportation
  • the volume of exploited soil and more.

Factors that may affect the timing of these works:

  • characteristics of the soil;
  • the purpose of the object under construction;
  • depth and size of the Foundation;
  • climatic conditions and the season during which these works are carried out;
  • preparatory, main and auxiliary earth works, etc.

to Know the cost, but also to discuss all the features of the development of the pit, you can contact our specialist by phone, which listed on the website. Also you can write your questions in the online chat.

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