Development of engineering drawings

Development of detailed drawings, design drawings details

Engineering drawing is a basis of machine-building production. If not for such drawings, in General, and such production would not exist at all. After all, they are the key point, "cornerstone" in production, are proof of the quality and productive work teams of engineers.


Modern views about the qualitative development of technical documents is not based on aesthetic requirements inscriptions and images, and the greatest simplicity and clarity, should contain design requirements for the image of the object. In these drawings excesses are not valid, this makes it difficult to read, and reduce their productivity. Young professionals who came to production, should know not so much the basics engineering graphics, how many need to be trained for a practical, independent and high-quality design drawings and other technical documentation required for production.


There are several types of engineering drawings and in them is the variety of information. Consider their views. The drawings for the auxiliary and primary production. In these drawings depicted the tools and products used in this production. The drawings are technological, they are of all sorts, the commissioned piece. Operational drawings is another of their category. They described the process for the care of all kinds of equipment, recommendations for maintenance of the product or its parts.

General performance

Engineering drawing of the product displays all the necessary information about its forms, real size, and also about the method, procedure and control in production. To efficiently and competently perform such a drawing, it is very important to know the standards ESKD. They display the necessary image information products, with the use of simplifications and conventions. Based on the engineering drawing does not have a projection axis, the connecting lines and contains a minimal number of lines invisible contours. A sound approach to the implementation of such drawings provides a complete overview of the product, not in filling up his extra, extra lines. Such drawings of the most intuitive, require less time spent on its execution. Engineering detail drawing clarifies what should be the form and size of its elements, designed material for its manufacture, a valid measure of the surface roughness and the material properties. Upon completion of the manufacturing engineering drawing, you can see the final detail, ready-to-assemble.


Working drawings and developed the entire process of technological production details. Them drawn up a map, a detail which shows in the intermediate segment of manufacturing.

Who can do

it is Quite natural to be a question of who can create such drawings? In fact, for the implementation of such a massive amount of work, you will need a long enough time, money and effort. The answer is obvious and very simple. To create these drawings, the most complicated and simple, you need a good, well-organized and competent team of engineers, including their assistants. Therefore, if there is a need to develop engineering drawing "from scratch" - it can be done by putting a clear challenge to the engineers.


you should remember and that is not always necessary in all the drawings. In engineering drawings, in many cases, the inclusion of a full set from "a" to "I", therefore, when executing once all necessary drawings, it will be possible they only have to adjust and replenish, if necessary, but do not create everything again, from the very beginning.

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