Recommendations of fertilizers by culture

soil Fertility, and why you need fertilizer

One of the largest natural resources, which mankind is ground. The so-called upper layer of the crust, rich in organic matter possesses a property such as fertility – the ability to provide plant nutrients. Thanks to the soil fertility of the Land made possible the development of agriculture and civilization in General. Achieved fertility of the soil by a combination of several factors:

  1. Amount of humus in the soil.
  2. the Presence in the soil is needed for plant life chemical substances and elements.
  3. Soil structure that allows air and water exchange.

Recommendations of fertilizers by culture

intensive use of soil for the production of plant agricultural products, and especially if you violate the rules of its processing, irrigation, land reclamation and fertility of soil can be reduced. Such a phenomenon is called soil depletion. To combat the depletion of the invented different ways:

  1. regular alternation in the same field of crops several crops (sunflower, winter wheat, maize, spring barley, soybeans, rye, oats, etc.).
  2. Periodic abandonment of fields not sown crop plants ("fallow").
  3. the most technologically advanced and fastest way – fertilizing individual substances or their compositions, which enrich the soil components, lost it as a result of cultivation and harvest of the previous crop.

Types and methods of fertilizer application in soil

In the long history of farming, invented many different kinds and fertilizers. They can be divided into two main types:

  • organic;
  • mineral.

Fertilizers can be applied both separately and in combination, and be at different stages of agricultural work:

  • after harvest;
  • immediately prior to the next sowing;
  • periodically, the process of growing plants (top dressing).

the Combination and amount of fertilizers to the fields, depend on the composition of the soil, the degree of depletion of cultivated vegetable crops of purposes. To give accurate recommendations for fertilizer under the crop (sunflower, winter wheat, maize, spring barley, soya), it is necessary to be a competent and experienced specialist.

Agrochemical soil analysis for recommendations on fertilizer under the different culture

the Important task from the point of view of maximizing returns from the acreage, is the correct type and dose of fertilizer for specific soil and crops you plan to grow. Even as great a certified agronomist, it is impossible precisely to solve it, not possessing the necessary data on the composition and properties of the processed soil (agrochemical parameters). To provide such data may only specialised agro-chemical laboratory.

Before the development of recommendations for application of fertilizers for a specific crop (sunflower, winter wheat, maize, spring barley, soybeans), you must perform a soil analysis for the following groups of indicators:

  1. Basic integrated parameters (acidity, total content of organic matter, granulometric composition, amount of absorbed bases).
  2. Elements.
  3. Minerals.

Just some of the most large and wealthy agricultural businesses can afford to keep stocked with the latest science and technology private agrochemical laboratory for soil analysis. All other farms that are concerned with the problem of increasing productivity of agricultural production, it is recommended to involve in the analysis, with the aim of preparing recommendations for fertilization, third party organization. One such is the company "Guild Engineering". Our company has all the necessary laboratory equipment, has certified the methods of sampling and analysis of soil samples, and qualified personnel.

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