Detailed plan of the territory

Surveying land is very important, and ignoring it completely is not advisable. It plays an extremely important role during the construction of any building. Every building, regardless of scale, must take place under the guidance of professional engineers and surveyors. After conducting preliminary research, Sluck step is to breakdown under the Foundation, which must be performed only by qualified professionals. Because if it is admitted even the slightest mistake, it may have fatal consequences for the future of this object. First, it is necessary that this work was done absolutely according to the design documentation. Second, even if one mark is moved incorrectly, over time it will clearly show that the facility was built incorrectly.

How is the breakdown for the Foundation?

Breakdown under the Foundation is a competent carry dimensional axes of the object, as well as design of Foundation size on the subgrade. This process is very important − it depends on the quality and solidity of construction. The work carried out before the digging of the trench. Overall axis of the structure consider an imaginary line that passes through the center (border) location floor slabs or other structural elements. In such conventional lines tie all sizes of bearing elements and Foundation.

The stages of the breakdown of the Foundation

When you breakdown under the Foundation, specialists use a certain number of pegs (mostly wood and metal, with a length of about one meter). Also, this requires thin wire, pieces of red cloth, red paint, tape measure, hammer and nails.

To breakdown under the Foundation as accurate as possible and consistent with the master plan and plan of foundations, it is important to repeatedly check all the corners for their compliance with design documentation. So, usually, all measurements are performed at least two times, and from different ends of the line.

Work on the breakdown under the Foundation is carried out in some stages:

  1. Breakdown under the Foundation begins with moving lines on the subgrade. The number of lines that you want to migrate depends on how many nail technicians use.
  2. With the help of special cargo on the slope, the demolition of the point of intersection prichalok on the base. Thus affect overall dimensions of the Foundation. Overall, the design obtained is usually called obnosku. Further, the layout of the axes. When the construction according to the plan should form a rectangle, then check the correctness of its transfer to the subsoil by measuring the diagonals which should be equal.
  3. The next step is the delineation of the boundaries of the future trenches with cement or paint. At this time begin excavation work.
  4. After excavation castoffs restore.

How to choose a contractor work breakdown under the Foundation?

Important work, such as a breakdown under the Foundation should only be performed by specialist designers. Only highly trained experts know all the requirements that are important to the plot, which is undergoing development and have relevant experience. Also of great importance is whether the permits and license of the company that will carry out such complex work. The company "Guild Engineering" ensures quality performance of all types of geodetic survey and design work. Just contact us, call the site phone, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and affordable prices for quality services.

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