Manual drilling geotechnical drilling depth of up to 8m

Engineering-geological works are carried out on the basis of TK. The types and amount of work depends on the development stage, type of construction, from geological conditions. Choose the type of drilling that allows you to get all necessary data about the composition and properties of soils.

the cheapest and Most available of all technologies  drilling manually. The method permits to drill in the most difficult, cramped conditions:  in enclosed spaces, mountains, swamps, floodplains, forest, in terms of buildings, landscaped areas, under power lines, ravines, etc. This setup has a small size and can quickly be assembled and dismantled. In the program of research must be substantiated the efficacy of this method.

For drilling can be used portable and modular machines. Also, these machines are used for water heating, for drilling under the pillars and supports. The kit includes drilling equipment: rods, core barrel and casing, drill bit, drill column, chisels, etc. When applied drilling circulation fluid (clay mud), casing tubes.

Due to convenient manual control and simple maintenance, motoburs are successfully used for research work. Such a hand-held device is very compact, at the same time powerful enough to drill out any soil. Advantages of using a motor drill to drill wells are quite a lot:

  1. Drilling of wells of different depth and diameter in conditions of limited space.
  2. The ability to drill a motorbike with the help of one specialist.
  3. Compact and easy transportation of the motobur.
  4. High level of safety and reliability of the motobur.
  5. Independence from power supplies, low level of vibration.

due to the fact that manual drilling can be used in the most remote places – this saves on excavation works. In addition, this type of drilling almost no harm to the landscape, no need to cut down the forest, to remove the fences for the entrance of engineering. From an environmental point of view – less polluted area, less noise.

Drilling rig is placed on a dry place, the drilling speed will be inferior speed during conventional drilling. It should be noted that  the quality of selected monoliths will be worse. Due to this kind of drilling is resorted sometimes, when it is difficult to use large rigs. When this drilling  also take samples of soil and water for the laboratory.

Drilling geotechnical drilling depth of up to 8 meters by using mobile drilling rigs, Motorov – combine auger and core drilling. At the present time in connection with the intensification of construction works, by increasing the density of buildings, the development of a communications network, increasing the role of small-sized drilling rigs, in particular the percussion-rotary drilling in unconsolidated formations. When using mechanized installations – weight them heavier, but the performance is not much.

drilling manually small wells are often used ordinary tripod with winch for raising and lowering the drill string with barbells (usually 1.5 m).

Rod with thread held together in a single pipe, are fixed by a clamp. Drilling is performed at the expense of ascent and descent of this design. The post turn and score the top with a gouge. This process more easier, if you have a winch.  to know when to clean the drill – rod doing marking every two feet. To pass the layers with gravel and pebbles alternate the use of jelonki and chisels. To pass on to a hard wood used chisels. Sometimes facilitates the drilling of adding into the well water. When the soil becomes wet – it indicates the approach of the water to the horizon.

When the drilling is carried out in unstable rocks (moist, loose), or when the context contains interbeds of such unstable rocks – used drilling with casing. In such cases, the casing protect, strengthen the walls of the well. Often with the help of auger implement advanced drilling before casing on two feet. Casing or thrown by twisting or press clamping clamp. After reaching the desired depth, the auger is raised from the well. Drilling through the casing leads to a measurable rise in  works. Such drilling with casing is also necessary in gravel-pebble soils. Drilling is mainly produced by glass, on the sandy rocks – auger. Winter drilling manually is inefficient. From the experience of field work suggest that the use of tubing with this drilling is not very efficient.

as surrender to the laboratory soils disturbed – it is necessary to conduct additional field studies are the natural moisture and density of soils. For each geotechnical element should be performed at least three such tests. Field is populated with a field journal with documentation of core and drilling data. Selected samples of soil and water for further laboratory analyses. Upon completion of work well companywide remaining core.

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