How to calculate the volume of soil

How to calculate the volume of soil without repeating the most common mistakes surveyors

Original title: "all posts in the determination of any amounts"
Author: Khalimendik Alexander Vladimirovich
for the edification of beginners and experienced surveyors and surveyors

During my professional activity I had to deal with this type of Desk processing, as calculation of volumes moreover, to determine the amount of something had a great many, and even more times. In this regard, looking at the vast experience and professionalism(three years in 8 buildings), on the advice of the older partner, part-time head - Sergey Kondratyev, I enthusiastically began to write these guidelines, giving them the name "all Sorts of posts in the determination of any volumes created for both beginners and experienced surveyors, craftsmen, foremen, faced with the problem disputes over amounts.

where to begin? " and how to make geodetic measurements, i.e. the shooting.

One of the most important, though, is probably the most important is the INITIAL survey. In the production of this operation is not necessary "to regret" marks each, even a slight "bump" should be taken, and the designation of the boundaries of this area (top, bottom slope, dimensions, grades in the middle of the hole) should clearly be fixed, at least in outline. Not insignificant factor is the determination of the location of the boundaries of the work, as they may differ significantly from the project. You need to make a few marks and boundaries of the proposed count, it is necessary to create a valid surface at the boundaries of the counting, and if necessary, change the scope of calculation of marks on the borders will be true and not fictitious (extrapolated).

About laboratory work. To process the data you need in the shortest possible time, not later than the day of measurement (fresh in the memory), so how can you forget some of the data and subsequently to understand the outline. At the best case, to draw the Executive survey should involve all involved at the time of measurement, human resources, for a more accurate display, digitally measured areas(one looking at the map, noticed a discrepancy in one place, another in another part of surveying).

After the final adjustment of the shooting, the case falls on completion of shooting in manual mode. You must add the missing pixels characterizing terrain: pits, hills, slopes and other dimensions of the irregularities to the proper perception of the surface program. Until the start of the calculation it is NECESSARY to test the surface for the presence of "disconnected" points (even one incorrect point out of a thousand may fail in up to 30%). This operation is easy to perform team building contours, and inspect the "horizontals" we need EVERY surface. Carefully treating the details of the build, eliminating, as needed disadvantages, you can proceed to the calculation. The further operations are discussed in detail need not be, a matter of technique.

The fun begins when you receive the long-awaited "digit". Do not assume that it is already the end of the calculation! Carefully reviewing the cartogram counting, paying SPECIAL attention, again, marks and accordingly, the scope of the boundaries of counting, verifying the accuracy of the calculation, IN ANY CASE it is not necessary to climb in a pivot table and to perform adjustments so cherished numbers.

If the question is in the "adjusting the volume" on the principle of "rollback", it is necessary not to increase the volume, and Vice versa!!! The true figure should be the ultimate!!! Anyone interested in changing the volume, you need to Lodge information with a low for the required number of cubic units, data that would later, "so be it, going to meet them", to give the true volume, covering thereby himself back. It is also necessary to facilitate life - instead of ten completely different cartograms need to make only ONE is correct, and "excavator" and can draft to provide.

Summarizing conclusions can be drawn:
  • create a correct initial surface is one of the most important activities ;
  • If the final shooting "take the rapper" that's right, podsnap control reference points (preferably at least five);
  • When building the surface you want to check it HORIZONTALS;
  • Thoroughly test the boundaries of counting and not allow the extrapolation of the surface between the outside shooting of counting;
  • do NOT MEDDLE IN the choropleth map AND SUMMARY TABLE;
  • True volume is the LAST, adjustments related to stimulation with the side of the customer works;
  • don'T DISCLOSE the NUMBERS IN DAY COUNT!!! Recheck repeatedly! Three days minimum;
  • When the control calculation competitors, to reveal the results should only be made after consultation roundtable surveyor-surveyor.

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