Seismicheskoe mikroraionirovanie

Seismic intensity and total seismic zoning

Studies of seismicity plots of the upcoming construction (seismic mikroraionirovanie) is one of the most important areas of engineering research in the areas exposed to seismic activity. The composition surveys in the regions where a possible earthquake with the strength of 5 points or more, must include such work. Carried out to Refine the seismicity of the sites of NPP, HPP, TPP and other construction projects.

At the initial stage of the design earthquake engineering surveyors and designers rely on the scheme of General seismic zoning (macroregiunea), approximately defining the probable intensity of seismic manifestations in the region. General seismic zoning is the prerogative of specialized scientific institutes and institutions. It is based on the statistics of seismic activity and intensity, using the information of the geological disciplines: geodynamics, tectonics and structural Geology.

Under seismic intensity (ballinastoe) understand the effect of earthquakes on the earth's surface. The intensity is determined on the basis of observations of the degree of damage of buildings and various other structures, deformation of the ground surface, as well as the feelings and behavior of surrounding objects. Seismic intensity according to General zoning gives an insight about the average probable effect of earthquakes within a fairly large area.

Seismic mikroraionirovanie and its purpose

These General seismic zoning characterize the average balnot earthquakes in the region without taking into account local soil conditions, which is confirmed by researches, can have a significant impact on the seismic situation. The purpose of seismic zoning and is carrying out detailed seismic, geophysical and geological studies on a small terrain, where will be located the construction site, to clarify and make local amendments to the values of the seismic intensity, pre-defined for the project site in accordance with the scheme of the General zoning. These works provide an opportunity to assess the risk for planned facilities with regard to the influence of local groundwater and hydrogeological factors. The higher the degree of responsibility of the design object is, the more carefully conducted further seismic platforms; nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, CHP plants and other energy production must have the highest level of reliability, and seismic surveys play a big role in its provision.

The results of seismic zoning for design

According to the results of seismological research to the customer should be provided with the following information:

  • Maps (schemes) of seismic zoning of a site of construction, indicating how the source of seismicity according to General zoning and calculated during the survey.
  • Predictive maps of zoning of the site during the construction and operation of the design object.
  • The results of the calculations supporting the quantitative characteristics clarified during the survey.
  • Recommendations for protection of the facility from earthquakes.

The company "Guild Engineering performs various types of engineering surveys. These include seismic mikroraionirovanie, the refinement of the seismicity of the sites of NPP, TPP, HPP etc.

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