Photography for stripspace

None of the construction of housing, cottage or garden house or commercial buildings, various structures, elements of engineering protection is not without design construction passports for land development. It is this document establishes requirements planning and architecture to the construction and landscaping of the land.

Construction certificate includes text and image data. For the construction of the passport of the land development need to collect a list of certain documents, namely:

  • the request for the grant of stripspace, in which the customer indicates that he agrees to the processing of personal data;
  • project construction (if the square is home to more than 300 square meters);
  • a copy of the certificate of title or any other document confirming the right of ownership or use of land. Such copy must be certified by a notary;
  • schema, which indicated a proposed development. On these diagrams indicate the location of buildings and structures, proposed in this land, the distance to objects and neighboring areas, facades, engineering networks, specify the dimensions, system engineering plans.

you Should note that the drawing of plans and facades is carried out taking into account the requirements for gas service. In order to specify the location of buildings and structures land, which is planned buildings, correctly calculate the distance between them and objects, as well as neighboring areas, it is necessary to conduct topographic surveying. It should be noted that to ask for help in carrying out such works need only to qualified surveyors, what are the specialists of the Engineering Guild. Thanks to the experience and responsibility, they will promptly and efficiently conduct this survey using in their work only the equipment of new generation.

To get stripspace building on the land is a topographical map of scale 1/500. Shooting for stripspace is made on transparent paper - tracing paper. It plotted the boundaries of the area with the "wet" seal and signature of the person who is responsible for surveying.

After applying all boundaries of the land and delivered under seal, with topographic surveys is a copy (it is better to make two) to which are applied the following elements:

  • the red lines;
  • where is the connection to the engineering networks;
  • possible entrances to buildings and constructions;
  • distances to objects and neighboring areas;
  • the location of the proposed construction of an object (or multiple objects that are scheduled for construction);
  • explication of real estate objects.

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