Certified engineer-geodesist a certificate of qualification as an engineer-researcher looking for a job for a contract with the architecture

the Qualification certificate of the engineer-surveyor

Certified engineer surveyor qualification certificate of the engineer-prospector

Our company GUILD ENGINEERING, keeping pace with the times and laws of Ukraine. The law dated 02.10.2012 No. 5394-VI introduced the certification of specialists such as engineers, surveyors and of prospectors mandatory. As of 13 March 2013 created by the qualification Commission, which aims at the certification of engineers-surveyors. The law of Ukraine "On topographic, geodesic and cartographic activity" provided the state registry of certified engineers-surveyors and training and staffing in the field of topographic-geodesic and cartographic activities

From the foregoing it is clear that without the certificate of the engineer-surveyor now work in the field of geodesy is considered impossible. Cases involving the presence of the certificate:

  • contract for surveying of the organization and architecture of the city;
  • under construction for delivery of the object to Executive geodetic documentation;
  • documentation, signed by the surveyor not having the respective certificate is invalid.

To receive the certificate in Dnepropetrovsk need to finish high school in the specialty that is directly related to the geodesy. Also important is the role of special geodetic courses, which will help to increase the level of knowledge and qualifications. After surveying courses meets the qualification Commission which must pass certain exams. They will determine the level of your knowledge, and also confirm the increase of your qualifications, in the case of a building on their "perfect".

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Receive engineers-surveyors appropriate certification is based on geodetic faculties. These faculties in the UNIVERSITIES of geodesic directions. Geodetic faculty may issue a certificate, if the INSTITUTION has the fifth-level accreditation. Such an INSTITUTION must enter into a contract with the authorized Central Executive body for permission to issue certificates and qualification engineers-surveyors. At the moment these only in Kiev. Professional development should be implemented every 4 years.

the Cost of such certificate will be released in a considerable sum. But if workers in the company are more than five, it becomes a question of hiring already certified surveyors. That is, the rescue of drowning - the handiwork of the drowning.

the company's experience "Guild Engineering" allowed to collect in its staff of qualified employees who have the appropriate certificates. Our surveyors have all the necessary licenses and certificates to provide surveying services. Specialists of the company " Guild Engineering" thanks to their experience, skills and ability to carry out surveying work efficiently and on time, agreed with the customer.

working with our company you can get quality services such as:

  • topographic survey of the land;
  • built survey of the building or structures;
  • Executive survey equipment;
  • maintain as-built documentation;
  • complete geodetic support of construction;
  • the removal project in nature;
  • removal of the boundaries of the site;
  • identify and recover the boundaries of the land;
  • surveying work;
  • calculation of earthwork volume;
  • copies of the work and the site plan with topographic and geodetic documentation, and more.

We understand what responsibility is placed on our shoulders during the execution of a variety of surveying tasks, so each task fit correctly, no matter what difficulty it is. We offer high quality at affordable prices.

We offer a service to part-time employment of our engineers with certificates for the lawful activities of Your company on a regular basis.

you can also conclude a single contract. Please contact us on geodetic issues, we are competent in these matters. Our consultants will listen to your needs and offer optimal solutions in the shortest possible time.

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