Scheme land

the Scheme of the plot is a small flat image surface of the earth on paper or in electronic form. How many objects on paper smaller than their originals shows the scale of the scheme. The scale topography is most often used 1:100, 1:200, 1:250, 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000, 1:5000. The largest scheme is one-to-Stam, it's often a land home, it is generally more accurate work, such as landscaping, leveling floors, installation of the equipment. It is used for exact calculations of necessary materials and raw materials.

the Most commonly used scheme on cadastral plot number has a scale of 1: 500. In this scheme, reliably and accurately applied all the objects, which in turn is directly proportional to affect the pricing, that is, the larger the area, the higher will be the price for his scheme.

Our company is to meet clients. Significantly reduce the cost we share schemes for their intended purpose. The first question to you is: "And for what purpose you need the scheme of the plot?". I will explain why. Over the years, with different bodies and regulatory agencies we have adapted to the market in order to avoid unnecessary work and cost.

for Example at the planning map of the land plot for connection to an electrical outlet m 1:2000 requirements are: to display the entire area, the route to the point of connection and 300 meters in radius of this point.

For the Foundation design, the designer requires topographical survey, scale 1:500 with all underground utilities.

For the gas workers enough contour plan 1:1000.

For land surveyors cadastral need diagram on cadastral number m of 1:1000.

Landscape designer will not even start designing without a schema 1 to 200 and so on and so on

so, in any case, you will receive a quality product, made by all standards applicable technical instructions. We work only on legal grounds.

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