Pit for inspection of Foundation

When examining the Foundation of many customers faced with such terms as the pit, and only a few know its meaning. We will do our best to disclose the topic. So, pit for inspection of Foundation is Yama, which is designed to survey the subgrade and Foundation. There are cases when the pit can be used when conducting geological surveys for the taking of soil samples. The work on the development of this pit is called sortowanie.

There are certain requirements on how pit:

  • it is necessary that the depth of the pit has reached the subgrade upon which rests the Foundation. The depth of the pit below the Foundation base is only possible if the Foundation is in good standing and is a fairly monolithic structure, but not more than 5-10 see If you make any excavation under foundations, it can result in the distortion or damage to the structure itself.

  • in terms of the size of the pit is actually predetermined by the size of the Foundation base, as well as its shape and characteristics of the soil. I.e. seizure "of the earth" to produce from walls or columns area of the basement (accessible areas) small faces (up to 10-40 cm) depth directly to the Foundation to its edge, and then to its disclosure to the feet (along the wall), i.e. learn the geometrical dimensions including "length", "width" and "thickness". It should be remembered that enough of such size pit to engineer and geologist to carry out all the necessary work. For example, geometric measurements, to sample the soil, etc.. deepening no pit stops, if it starts flooding. In this case, it is necessary to wait and to coordinate with the engineer by a quick examination. .

  • after the testing, the pit should be filled. For this purpose a manual rammer or pouring of the soil. After the pit filled up, you need to let the soil settle and harden, and then to work on the restoration of pavement structures or gender. If passage of the pit for a detailed examination of the Foundation was like outside, it is recommended to wait until the soil will be washed by precipitation.

how Much pits for inspection of Foundation decide engineer, land surveyor and geologist. For many the question arises: at what point will pit? There are some rules that should be followed. If the building has a basement, the pits are in it. In the case where they are absent, the pit are made either inside the building or outside. If possible, it is better to place them in places where the two cross walls. Then you can use one pit, which will examine the Foundation of just under two walls.

Surveyors and geologists of our company "Guild of Engineering", thanks to its long experience, device pits will solve the following tasks:

  • sets the type of Foundation will determine the size, depth and geometric shape of the Foundation base;
  • please check the technical condition of the Foundation, will reveal the cracks and deformations of the Foundation, if any;
  • will produce a selection of soil samples and conduct further research in the laboratory;
  • will perform the computational work for foundations and Foundation soils on further operation or reconstruction, if such is required;
  • make a conclusion about the work done.

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