Detailed plan of the territory

The General plan is a topographic map of the area on which reflected only the situation (the mutual position of all objects on the terrain (buildings and structures, utilities, vegetation). Relief situation plans is not shown. Situational plan is a supporting document for the design and contains a lot of information. From the site plan to clarify the boundaries of the land, the building (number of floors, material, type), water bodies, underground and surface utilities, vegetation.

What is a site plan showing the location of the installation?

A site plan showing the location of the installation is maps, topographical plan in scale from 1:1000 to 1:5000, which is required for obtaining technical conditions for connection to the mains. The scale is chosen depending on the density of buildings on site, which prepared the site plan. The most popular scale is 1:2000, as in this scale it is possible to get the display of all objects. In some cases, a site plan are at a scale of 1:5000 for large areas.

The electrical installation is a combination of the electric devices located on the same property and are intended for the generation, conversion, transformation, transmission and distribution of electric current.

A site plan indicating the electrical often displays the following parameters:

  1. Power plant (operation of industrial equipment and heat supply networks).
  2. Water heaters (appliances intended for heating large volumes of water).
  3. The lighting system serves the electric current to private and country houses).

What is the purpose of the site plan indicating the electrical?

A site plan indicating the electrical installation is the document that is created specifically in order to be able to start work on installing electrical installations in a remote area or work on accession electrical installations to the mains, and is served along with vicory of the topographic plan of the company Power companies.

The company "Guild Engineering will perform a site plan indicating the electrical installations on the territory of any size, choosing the desired zoom for high-quality display all of the elements of the area. Ordering the execution of the situational plan of the experts of the company "Guild Engineering" you can be assured of quality and quick performance of works. The cost of creating the site plan depends on the area and density of its development.

Work on the creation of the site plan are divided into two stages:

  • Field work.
  • Laboratory work.

Field work includes topographic survey (measuring distances and angles using surveying instruments (nowadays often use electronic total stations such as Sokkia, Leica, Sanding, South).

Laboratory work is the processing of field measurements, drafting and production of the site plan which is given to the customer in paper and electronic form , stamped by the contractor. To get the project on the accession of the installation the customer should apply to electricity transmission organizations according to the location of installation.

The customer must submit a set of documents which shall contain:

  • application for connection to the mains;
  • copy of the identity document (passport);
  • site plan with indication of the installation;
  • copy of the topographic plan.

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