Site plan for the connection of electricity

the Construction of a new building or buildings are pretty difficult process. Here it is necessary to consider all the details about such things as the connection of gas, water and electrical networks before I started the building process. In the same way, when you purchase a land for construction, connection of utilities to the future object, you need to think back on this stage in order to further not to make any unnecessary financial costs. Why in advance? The answer is very simple: for example, the electrical network may have worn condition, you may receive a problem with the power and so on. So even when choosing a land plot pay attention to all the nuances of this kind.

In our time it is hard to imagine life without information technology, and to use them we cannot do without electricity. In order to connect the facility to the grid you will need to collect the documents, among which the most important will be the role of situational plan.

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site plan for the connection of electricity is a surveying plan, the scale of which should be 1:2000. On the location plan shows the location of electrical installations and projected connection point. Also, this document should contain information about the location of above-ground and underground utilities (e.g., gas, water, telephone, sewer. In other words all the communications that pass through your land). Site plan displays and natural conditions that are typical for this area.

For the preparation of the situational plan to connect to the electricity required to perform a topographic survey. It has two stages of works. The first has the name field, the second - cameral. The first stage is carried out as follows: the surveyor leaves the land with a special surveying equipment and performs the necessary measurements. The latest innovative surveying equipment allows to make measurements in the shortest possible time, with the specialist receives data with millimeter precision.

Once on the ground the surveyor was received all the necessary information, the results of his work he directs in-house Department. This division is made site plan of the land plot. This document attested by the signature of performing measurements on a land surveyor and stamped of the implementing entity. There are cases when this scheme should be agreed with the local agencies of architecture and urban development.

If you need a site plan for the connection of electricity, please contact us. We value your time, so the document will be made as soon as possible. In our work we use high-precision geodetic equipment, thanks to which the received data with maximum accuracy. Entrusting us with the execution of these works you will be satisfied! the Cost of the situational plan to connect electricity you will be pleased!

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