Situational plan area

Situational map is a map of the land and locality in which it is located. Card is drawn at a certain scale, consistent with the goals of the customer. General information, which must be marked on the site plan, is the address at which there is a plot, the data about the customer, the name of all key objects.

Situational plan is a graphical official document. He is certified by the seal of the company, which  carried out work on its development, and shall be signed by the authorized person. This document, though an official, but he has less power than, for example, a project. However, without it can not do, if you are going to carry out any construction or reconstruction work on the site without the site plan cannot begin the design phase. We can say that the General plan is the basis of design. This document is also included in the package of materials provided to the town planning authorities to obtain building permits.

All objects that are located in the study area, should be applied  to this plan. The same applies to engineering objects - all communications and their components (pipes, cables and other). If we are talking about a specific plot of land, he was still location plan should be tied to the terrain. Accordingly, displays not only the features of the site, but the features of the entire area. This is the main peculiarity of this document.

All key objects that are close to the investigated territory, subject to the study and application of the plan. It can be such structures as bridges, railway lines, some plants, substations or other strategic assets. Definitely need to specify the exact size of each of these structures. In addition to the graphic component in the site plan is a text block of a more analytical nature, revealing a detailed description of the location and individual plots.

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Situational plan is not one document, but a number of schemes. Each of the communications is served by a separate scheme - electricity, heating, gas, water, communications.

Exactly situational plan can be achieved through pre -  topographic survey the area. Another feature of this plan that he developed only after the area is going to get a parcel number and will be registered in the appropriate register. This sequence is due to the fact that the situational plan to apply information about cadastral number as the customer's site and adjacent areas.

Situational plan is an important link in the chain of processes associated with the construction of the object. Therefore, previous work, and the plan itself must be made at the appropriate level. This process should be trusted only to the company, the Guild of Engineering, which has extensive experience in these works. The entire sequence of pre-project activities will be done that will allow you to have and a quality project.

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