Situational plan of the land

Situational plan of land plot” the name of the plan suggests that it reflects the situation of the area. Looking at such a plan, it's easy to navigate land, before visiting the place. Often on the drawing, which shows a topographic plan of the site on a large scale, placed in a corner situation plan or scheme of smaller scale. In this case topoplan plot shows in detail, by specifying only adjacent street or other areas, and the site plan indicates the position of the plot in the residential area or in the array of land with the designation of the easily recognizable landmarks: streets, towns, roads, bridges and other large structures.

Situation plan of the land plot

Situational plan of the land plot is useful in many cases as a required graphical document. The purpose often defines the scale at which it is made. Geologists in the report on the survey site plan lead for greater clarity, the location of the object. This plan can be in scale of 1:2000 or 1:5000.

When submitting documents for drawing up of the contract on connection to the power grid in a package of necessary documents includes site plan indicating the location of the installation. The two thousandth the scale of the plan satisfies the requirements. The plan must specify the address and the cadastral parcel number. The author draws the boundaries of the site. Existing communications ground and the underground plotted on the site plan. Show existing buildings indicating the height and material of walls and other buildings. Similar graphic materials to be submitted and when connecting gas, water, Sewerage. It is mandatory to show the tie-in and connection.

to Order site plan you can, by contacting the company LLC “the Guild Engineering”. Site plan may be made from a topographic plan. If topoplan this site is out of date or do not exist, the surveyors of the company will conduct a topographical survey of scale and will draw new, or upgrade existing topoplan. On the basis of topoplan reflecting the current situation will produce a site plan. If You ask the question: "Situational plan of land plot where to get?”- we welcome to our company.

to Order site plan necessary for the development of the project plan. The scale will depend on the size of the site. For larger areas, preferably five thousandth of the scale. This plan can show areas of residential and non-residential land, the territory of horticultural societies, to allocate undeveloped territory, to specify the main roads of the different meanings and of the street. Situational plan on a larger scale can be shown red lines.

bodies of water, cemeteries, gardens, piles of soil, forest, railway tracks, borders of cadastral quarter, cadastral number of adjacent properties, names of streets and settlements - all this information is displayed on this plan. Situational plan of the land plot must contain information about the direction of light.

a large-Scale situation plan of the site (1:100, 1:200) indicates the position of the trees on the site, the drainage well and the well water. Seem residential house, terrace and the pavement. Given the surface level, terraces, footpaths and earth. Attached is the list of trees. Allocated zone of encumbrances. Specify the lengths of the sides of the plot.

do not be concerned about “site plan of the land plot where can I get it?”.

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