How many years you can use the report on geotechnical investigations? In what cases need re-drilling, sampling, laboratory?

Before the construction of residential and industrial buildings, roads, etc. are carried out geotechnical works. There are various methods  the study of each object type, but there are some General requirements for all varieties. There are also different requirements for different stages of construction, design, reconstruction, expansion, technical re-equipment. Different requirements for surveys in the operation and liquidation of buildings and structures. Engineering-geological surveys can be used for various techno-economic, environmental and other feasibility studies.

geotechnical works during the construction, operation, liquidation of buildings and structures carried out in order to clarify the geological conditions of the occurrences of soils, to compare them with the project. Such research aims to investigate the reliability of facilities and monitoring environmental engineering-geological environment, determine the reliability of engineering protection.

Between the customer and geological organization signed a contract on the basis of which are carried out engineering-geological surveys. To the contract attached: TK, estimates, schedule of works. Program engineering-geological surveys for the project site. This is collected, studied and analyzed stock and archival geotechnical materials in this area to assess geological conditions  of design and construction.

Program geotechnical works allows us to trace the correct execution of works at all stages, the line works technical specification. In this case, we get a full weekend designing data objects.

When designing geotechnical works, you can use the archival materials of the prior research with the limitation period not exceeding three years. If the archival materials of the later period is necessary to conduct a special operation to verify the authenticity of these materials, in order to use them. It is necessary to study the changes during this time, geomorphological, hydrogeological, environmental and technological conditions. Could then be used to design materials with a term of more than three years ago. This may need a drilling additional wells, the selection of samples and to conduct laboratory research.

the Permission to conduct geotechnical work is given to the customer. Technical specification negotiates the projecting organization. Field of the engineering-geological works, the Client receives a Report, verified by the expert Committee.

If the examination reveals the insufficient knowledge of the engineering-geological conditions – may require drilling additional wells, sampling and laboratory studies. Also re-drilling and testing may be needed if the result of the research revealed a more complex geotechnical, environmental conditions than projected. In this regard, in consultation with the Customer corrected specification, programme of works and the contract for execution of works.

geotechnical research carried out during the construction of buildings increased responsibility when difficult geological conditions, when large breaks between the different stages of work, when a strong building site. Clarifies engineering-geological, hydrogeological and hydraulic conditions. Monitored the construction process of excavation, grouting, etc.

During the operation of buildings and structures can be carried out monitoring of natural hazards, monitoring of buildings and structures. This can be drilled observation water wells, passed the necessary workings.

Also sometimes a small amount of geotechnical work performed under reconstruction and liquidation of objects.

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