Estimates for the production of topographic and geodesic works in Kyiv

Estimates for the production of topographic and geodesic works in Kiev

Before you begin surveying, the estimate. Documentation gives the ability to precisely calculate cash costs to carry out works and monitor how the money is spent in the work process. Perhaps making a budget is not easy. It is difficult to include all the expenses required for the work and even harder to calculate contingencies. Big companies have estimated that deal with payments, but small businesses and individuals have to go to a special company to calculate the estimate. Our company company "Guild Engineering" is such an organization, which will help to make estimates for topographic and geodetic works on your site. To us you can contact at any time.

the budget plan is the plan of expenses and incomes Finance company for a certain period. Estimates for topographic and geodetic works is of the following types:

  • local initial estimate is made for one type of work, small in volume;
  • object estimates shall be made on the basis of primary estimates, to calculate the cost and other costs on a specific object;
  • summary of estimates is compiled on the basis of object estimates for all complex of works.

Estimates for topographic and geodetic works consists of the following components:

  1. General information on the estimates and objectives. This data from the cover page of the estimate. Contain information about the customer and the organization, which considers these estimates, the name estimates, the date, and print, endorsing a estimate.
  2. Transfer the materials needed to work. All materials are divided into sections.
  3. List property.
  4. Enumeration of all the works planned at the facility. Each item has its own number, name, code, unit of measure, quantity, labor experts and workers.
  5. Transfer equipment and arrangements required for the work. For each sub-item a sequence number, a machine name, code, unit of measurement in mechanical watches.
  6. the Total amount of money. This item indicates the size of the total payroll, cost of materials used, the cost of operation of machinery.
  7. Consideration of additional factors, discounts, markups and amendments.
  8. Funds for taxes are calculated from totals for the estimate, taking into account all allowances, factors, discounts.
  9. the Total amount of the estimate, taking into account VAT and additional items.
  10. Signature, surname, name, patronymic of the person making the estimate and the verified signature of the estimate.

Estimates for a topographical survey consists of 2 parts: office and field.

In laboratory work includes:

  1. the Collection and systematization of materials on this site. Are calculated and recorded in the appropriate spaces the unit of measure, quantity, cost of each item separately and total cost.
  2. the vector Drawing plans in electronic form. To draw a topographic map, you must do a lot of work: scanning of additional plans, data, graphing, and proofreading, printing of diagrams on plotter.
  3. Preparation of technical reports for offsite works.

Estimates for a topographic survey in Kiev in the field work is calculated from the following components:

  1. a Complex of works on surveying 1:500.
  2. Laying backsight theodolite lines.
  3. tie-in Paving leveling moves.
  4. underground and above-ground engineering structures, 20 objects for 1 hectare of the shooting.

Further, the estimates for topographic work results summary all field work and office work. But the estimates for the topographic work is not finished. There are still important work, without which it is impossible to properly carry out topographical survey:

  1. transportation Costs, which was used during the surveying work.
  2. Metrological support of equipment necessary to conduct each year that devices were working properly and free of 5% of the total amount.
  3. Charges to first organize and then work to eliminate the -6% of the total amount.
  4. the Coefficient on total estimated cost.
  5. MPE – 20%.
  6. Total estimated.

Estimates for topographic works shows all expenses for the duration of topographical works and is calculated is very simple.

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