Coordination of the project at home

it's important to do before you make an individual project for the construction of any object? First and foremost, it's worth noting that the earth's surface to vary the terrain. It is important that the composition of the soil and the number of modularization on different areas of land differs significantly. Since any ground, regardless of terrain, is a very complex geological and physical element, it is necessary to investigate carefully before beginning the design construction.

Why accounting for all the characteristics of the terrain is also important at the preliminary stage? In fact, such a sound approach will allow you to quickly and without delay to perform the alignment of the project with architectural offices and other necessary instances. And get data about all the features of the future construction site by ordering a geological and geodetic surveys in the company "Guild Engineering".

Why do you want approval of design documentation?

Drafting is only half the story, and then comes the turn very difficult and complicated negotiation stage. But it should certainly overcome any Builder providing all the legal details: the project must comply with the standards and requirements stipulated by the legislation. This is especially important when construction of a new facility, otherwise the project documents may remain just a drawing.

how to start coordination of project documentation?

the Corresponding approval of the project house is a must in the construction, regardless of the type and purpose of the future design. And if you start construction activities without a full package of documents, is unlikely to enter the facility. The company "Guild Engineering" for many years working in the field of maintenance projects and capital construction projects, completing all necessary research for the design construction.

carry out the following engineering studies, the results of which will be the basis for initial permits, without which to carry out the coordination of the project is not:

  • the survey of a plot of land (on the scale of 1:500 and 1:2000);
  • comprehensive geological surveys;
  • the collection of materials on surrounding buildings;
  • sanepidsluzhby territory.

if you Order research from us, you will avoid such common mistakes as a way of building the "red line", damaged during stroyrabot communication systems located on the site and non-compliance with fire breaks between buildings. Besides, submitting request for approval of the project house LLC "Guild Engineering", you will save your time and get rid of quite exhausting red tape with collecting all the required documents. Also contacting our firm is a good way to avoid additional financial expenses. The cost of work of highly qualified specialists is very affordable.

How is negotiation?

Matching takes place in several stages:

  1. Approval of the project design.
  2. the Agreement with the norms of architectural-planning decisions, economic calculation.
  3. the state examination and entry in the project remarks (remarks entered only specialists who worked on the project).

One of the most important nuances is the linkage of the project with the governments that issue permits for the laying and connection of local communication networks: electricity, gas, water etc. the End result of this procedure is obtaining a construction permit.

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