Mapping for fertilizer application

consumption are one of the most important arguments that indicate the effectiveness of precision farming technologies. One of the highlights is the cultivation of crops taking into account the unique characteristics and heterogeneity of the soil of the land. The only way to significantly reduce costs and get the most out of every area of the field. In order to improve product quality and significantly reduce the negative impact on nature, should be ordered mapping for fertilizer. This work can be done only by trained professionals with high skills through the use of special equipment.

Correct a map that will accurately and competently to calculate the amount of necessary chemicals and fertilizers, the use of specialized methods of their making. The basic form of these methods is differentiated popular method of making baits based on a sample of exactly those areas where the application of mineral and other substances necessary. To use this highly accurate method is required mapping for fertilizer with this method. The basis for such a document, be maps, yield (of grain), zonal agrochemical research documents and plans, the resulting space monitoring/control.

why do I need a card making baits?

precision agriculture involves the preparation of electronic maps of fields. But in addition to this electronic documentation, it is important to conduct soil analysis, the results of which get the soil map. Information obtained as a result of such event will help to calculate the amount of fertilizer. Because the soil even within the same field are heterogeneous, and always has different chemical and mechanical composition. And timely mapping to make fertilizers will allow to have an idea how to distribute in the field of micro - and macronutrients that are actually required for the growth and development of crops during the planting and vegetative stages. Only in this case, all targeted plants will get their nutrients that will ensure the success of any agricultural production: significant increase of yield and, as a result, profits.

Soil analysis includes several periods:

  • sampling of soil;
  • performing analysis;
  • make recommendations for the feeding of lime and different fertilizers.

According to the results of these activities prepare effective cartograms rational and economical distribution of the vitamins of the earth into agricultural land. Not having data about the initial condition of the soil of a particular field, it is impossible to correctly determine the standards of power system and application of dressings, as well as plan technology in General.

Services from the company "Guild Engineering"

licensed Specialists of the company "Guild Engineering" have great experience and are ready to provide comprehensive and individual services for precision farming: the measurement fields through the use of standard methods and innovative technologies, agrochemical analysis of soil, preparation of porekomenduyu and map plans-assignments for the technicians, performing analyses of the obtained yields. All information for work work on specific fields of the customer including the card fertilizers. As a result, you will be provided with the correct calculation of any baits on the basis of their actual needs. This approach will allow you to save from 20% to 30% of the consumption of expensive medicines, crop protection and fertilizers.

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