Cooperation in geodesy and Geology with agricultural companies

Cooperation Guild Engineering in surveying, Geology and topographic mapping fields with agricultural companies is reflected in the services: removal of boundaries of parcels, units, fields for agricultural companies, surveying elevators, fields, agricultural lands, chemical analysis of soil, soil, groundwater, removal on the area of the shares, Geology under agricultural construction to drilling and laboratory studies, as well as surveying in agriculture, surveying work in agriculture, Geology, agriculture, agricultural Geology, agricultural geography, agricultural surveying.

Agriculture is a very complex and multi-faceted industry that requires large investments - financial resources, and effort. Agriculture can have different scales. Someone is land next to the house, and someone is a farmer and has several fields. Those who are far from this field may naively assume that all that is planted in the ground will grow and no tests and studies performed. However, it is not so. Especially when it comes to so-called commercial agriculture  large areas of land, plants for production and processing of crops and other features. In such cases, without the help of professional geologists and surveyors can not do.

If you are engaged in agricultural activities or plan, and may want to expand its already existing case, then use the company's services Guild Engineering. Agricultural geodesy  is not only one of the directions of our activity, as one of the priority areas. We have about two dozen large customers who were satisfied with the quality and efficiency of our work. It is sufficient to list only some of them, that you understand the degree and scope of activities of our company. Our clients include major brands such as "Our Reba", "Chips Deluxe". Additionally we carried out geodetic and geological surveys for such companies and organizations as first Zernov company, LLC Andrusovski Elevator", OP "Vinnitsa broiler", LLC "Astarta-Kyiv" LLC "Valeting", Agrofirma "Batkivshchyna" and other objects. We have carried out various processes, as a comprehensive study, and separate procedures for the construction of new facilities, reconstruction of existing and optimization activities.

Geodetic work in agriculture have such features:

  • extensive area;
  • distance from city;
  • weak geodetic and geological knowledge of the areas of work;
  • a difficult situation with coordinates plots and poor accuracy of the original data and materials for beginning research.

Geology in agriculture is very important. Even somewhat more than in other sectors. After all, this area is inextricably linked with the land. Therefore, full-scale study of soil to be taken in the first place. It must be complete and the most accurate chemical analysis, determination of the soil type, groundwater studies. And if the land is not only growing crops, and construction of agricultural facilities, it is necessary to conduct additional tests on the stability of the soil and so on.

it is Natural that one Geology also not do. A key issue for farmers and shareholders are the boundaries of their lands. Often because of this there are disputes. So, to avoid disputes and to explain everything, you should perform the removal of the parcel boundaries and also shares countryside. And for proper design of structures surveyors conduct and topographical survey. This service is also needed in case the area does not plan any buildings, and require irrigation systems and other communications. Using our company you will be able to maximize the yield of their land.

Geodesy in agriculture has a very wide application, starting from the removal of the boundaries of the units, the contours of the fields and areas for agricultural activities, topographical survey of the field section of the silo, granary, current, oil station, farm,  integrated geodetic engineering geodetic measurements  buildings, houses, structures for new pipelines, pipelines, sewers and so on

Geology in agriculture is required under design and  agricultural construction to drilling and laboratory research and testing of soil, rock, earth, soil.

Geodetic work in agriculture closely intersect with agricultural Geology and wide agricultural geography

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