Cooperation with design companies in the field of Geology and geodesy

Guild Engineering is working with a leading design companies in the form of Geology, geodesy, surveying, carryover project axes on the countryside, quality topographic survey - the key to a quick project for building services includes Geology for the project, surveying engineering land, surveying for architects, surveying for engineering Geology for engineering Geology for building design, surveying for building design, surveying for construction permit

Many people think that the construction process begins at the moment when the pit was dug under the Foundation. However, this is not the case. Construction begins with papers, permits, preparatory and design work. The main process in the preparatory phase is design design. Without the project to begin construction impossible. Because the project is the basis for all further work. And its correctness, accuracy and quality depends on the fate of the entire structure - how reliable, durable and correct it will be surveying for construction permits - before starting the design phase.

Trust draft is not the first comer to the architect. After all you trust him with all his building. The best option is to appeal to a project company, which specializes in such matters. Naturally, the company also need to choose carefully.

Another important process that precedes the project development, is a series of geological and surveying procedures. If you start excavation work is impossible without the project, the project cannot be without these procedures. Because the data required for the proper design, can be obtained only by performing geological analysis and geodetic surveying.

Geology necessary in order to know the quality of the soil on which the building is planned. Without such information can easily be mistaken in design calculations relating to the Foundation. Knowing the type of soil, its composition and aggressiveness gives the opportunity to design a reliable structure.

Topographic survey gives other information relating to the location, topography and key objects related to this site. Topographic survey is carried out to obtain accurate data about the land plot on the basis of map, plans and schemes. Topographic plan contains all necessary information: the terrain and the situation on the ground, surface and underground utilities, the elements that are in the area and much more. Topographic map required to obtain the permission to design. From this we can say that it plays a very huge role in the design. On the basis of the shooting, after processing the results of the topographic plan, which becomes the basis for the project.

And when the plan has been developed and approved, surveyors need to properly make the project in nature. The accuracy should be 100%. Submitted all key axis point. Only after removal, you can start any construction activities or conduct communication lines.

the Results of all these procedures will be more successful if the surveyors and geologists will work in teams with designers. The company Guild Engineering has been practiced this approach to the organization of their work at construction sites. We have established strong links with companies such as Personproject, Agroproduct, Lostrocket, Ukrinzhproekt, Ideal Project, interproject and other. They are all responsible and reputable companies. The cooperation enables the preparation of project architects  be consulted about certain features of a topographic plan, and on stage transfer drawing is in the nature of surveyors can check the details from the designers. Such work will help to avoid discrepancies, inaccuracies, misunderstandings in the work of each other. In the Union of high-quality geological, geodetic survey and design developments are born a reliable and durable design.

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