Creation of digital maps and field boundaries using drones and UAVs

Many heads of agricultural enterprises only know about square their fields, and this adversely affects the accuracy of the calculations of any fertilizers and counting of the obtained production. To effectively manage an agricultural enterprise will require precise knowledge of the acreage. To obtain reliable information will require the creation of digital maps and field boundaries using drones and drones is the modern service from the LLC "Guild Engineering". We guarantee the execution of these works with centimeter accuracy.

Why choose this service?

the Use of drones in agriculture is gaining popularity. Today, drones are considered one of the most important elements of popular precision farming system. Such equipment allows to obtain an accurate picture with height from 100 to 600 m, to perform a special measurement fields and collect necessary data for the calculation of vegetation indices. The machines are widely used to build full-fledged e-cards − these documents get an even more precise than when using other equipment or satellite imagery. A big plus: shooting is possible in cloudy weather, which is not possible with satellite imagery.

consider that creation of digital maps and field boundaries using drones and drones is the most economical option. So the accuracy of the data increases significantly. At the same time, work on the design of this card are reduced. Importantly, all obtained through unmanned aerial vehicle information is documented, whether the elevation model or the emergence of the field. Thus, in this case, the influence of the human factor and the error are minimal. The price of such services is very affordable, and depends on the configuration and size of the measured areas.

Why you need a digital map of the land?

conservation practices provide events with contemporary maps of the acreage. They are some of geoinformation base, which is the basis of many farming operations in precision agriculture. For example,  differentiated introduction of mineral fertilizers is based on the drawings of the distributions of different dressings. In any case, the creation of digital maps and field boundaries using drones and drones − the best and right thing to do. The advantages of this are obvious, as with data on acreage of fields and the distance between arable land, it is possible to efficiently perform the following steps:

  • keep a record of obtained yield;
  • to know the history of crop rotation;
  • to calculate the required amount of dressing and seed;
  • to conduct accounting of combustive-lubricating materials;
  • to prepare precise reports;
  • have complete data on sown areas (for each culture).

a Big plus in the fact that the plan performed with the use of a drone, more detailed (compared to the space). The drone will help to formalize cartographic documents in real-world coordinates of actual objects. This will help to visually analyze the objects with the highest resolution. Also on this card, you can apply the feature layers (as needed): field, infrastructure, roads. With detailed electronic document, it is easy to determine the objective the area of arable land, pasture, fall plowing, sowing, and plots nedosevov and reseeding.

Important: final documents, obtained by the method of aerial photography allow the production of a plot of land on the cadastral registry.

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