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the Terrain is a combination of the irregularities of the earth and one of the most important elements of the area that is of great importance to all spheres of human activity. Information about the earth's surface, can be obtained by using properly drafted topographic plan. Execute such documents solely on the basis of information obtained as a result of special geodetic measurements. the Creation such a document is required for building, executing large-scale linear projects. Therefore, such mapping plans have not review so much practical value.

why the need For mapping plans of heights?

Having complete and accurate information about the topography of the site, architectural and design Bureau can plan the plot and to properly "plant" elevate object on the ground. Also, thanks to this map, we can determine the possibility of adjusting the landscape and calculations of the excavation activities (dumping, dredging). This document is of great importance for reliability and safety of the new structure, as it allows to execute the project of removal from the object rain/flood waters.

transmission Characteristics

There are different types of topography: bottom, hilly moraine, valley-beam (flat), the landscape, not in terms of the contours (mounds, ravines, cliffs), etc. But, regardless, any relief should be depicted accurately, with the use of specially designed symbols. Given the nature and character of the mapped area, the chosen scale of the plan, sets a height of the cross section.

Create bump maps occurs in the following proportions:

  • 1:10000;
  • 1:50000;
  • 1:100000;
  • 1:200000;
  • 1:500000.

If you are using a small scale for terrain use horizontal, to complete the map a numeric elevation and contour signatures. Often, on the plan denote the conditional height of the positive and negative relief forms, arrows, orientation of slopes. Plans made to scales of 1:500000 and 1:1000000, include the use of a hypsometric coloring, and hillshade. And for landscape designers will require large-scale plans − 1:500 or 1:1000.

  1. Basic requirements for the representation of relief on maps the standard scale (1:10000-1:200000):
  2. Accurate representation of the components of the landscape.
  3. Real picture of steep slopes, passed through the ranks.
  4. focuses on the orographic point and all the vertices, the edge of the terrace.
  5. Linking images of the landscape with the display of certain elements on the map: vegetation, roads, rivers.
  6. terrain Features (image, type and character).

Correct create bump maps provides for one mandatory condition: the area must be pre-studied by highly qualified specialists. In the course of this study will set the height of the cross section of the landscape, the nature of the terrain, orientation of mountain ranges, their length (length). To thoroughly explore an area, often resort to the study of aerial photographs, additional descriptions and other documents, allowing to perform, truthfully I transferred the shape of the landscape at the initial cartographic documents.

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