Making of maps of the state of the fields

If you are using a paper map field plans, made many years ago, the probability of an incorrect calculation of cost of production, incorrect evaluation of yield and, as a result, small economic effect. Innovative high-precision technology allow you to quickly obtain the most complete and accurate data on the sown fields and to perform an interactive map of the fields. This stage is considered the baseline in precision agriculture and important for the further agronomic process.

the Technique of precision farming actively used by modern farmers to significantly increase the efficiency of crop production through the use of baits, seeds and special protective equipment of plants in exact accordance with the heterogeneity of soil (depends on the climate, the characteristics of the soil of the debris field and method of processing) in the fields and the needs of the crops. As a result of execution of complex measures aimed at the measurement of areas of land, soil chemical analysis, identify and research problem areas, evaluation of crops, it is possible to create cards state of the fields accompanied by quantitative indicators.

Why you need a interactive map of the state of cultivated land?

smart card status fields contains all the necessary information to make the right and informed design decisions regarding placement of different crops, as well as sorting technologies of their cultivation. the Creation of maps and field condition − this is a real opportunity to carry out the optimal organization of the territory with the obligatory account of landscape linkages.

This document is based on accurate, structured information about the acreage of fields, and allows for the correct calculation of distances to the nearest centimeter. This high-tech tool will help:

  • to identify a resource inventory of lands of agricultural enterprises, whereby it is possible to accurately plan the harvest in;
  • calculate the optimal rate of fertilizer application;
  • to perform the calculation of the required quantity of seeds and to determine the facts of irrational use of seed material;
  • helps to analyze the conditions influencing the growth of plants in a particular area/field;
  • to monitor equipment;
  • to calculate the fuel consumption and proper use of working time;
  • to carry out forecasting of crop yields.

creating a map of the state of the fields will allow you to optimize production, increase productivity and rational use of available resources.

the Advantages of cartographic plans of the fields

the advantages of such papers are numerous. These include the following:

  1. Adaptability to perception.
  2. Visible efficiency.
  3. quick access to the information.
  4. the Ability to quickly make changes in the data.
  5. Visibility.

it is Important to note that this document, when properly run, is done only once. Later in the map you can add data, new objects and do work notes. Also, if necessary, you can convert the map from one map format to another.

How to order?

Given the advantages of modern mapping, a of agriculture attended to the service order design of high-precision maps of the state of the field to restore order. To order this service in the company "Guild Engineering", type stated on the website phone numbers: the qualified specialists will answer all your questions with regards to mapping the state of the field and help you place the order.

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