Creation of three-dimensional reconstruction of mines and mining

Mining and mine are placed in promising areas, where thick layers of minerals.

creating a three-dimensional reconstruction of mines and mining

Reasons for creating a three-dimensional reconstruction of mines and mining

during the first five years, mining gradually increasing, then stabiliziruemost. After 10-15 years of operation, depending on the size of the reservoir, mines and workings are old, they become deeper, to drill dangerous and impractical. You need to invest in the strengthening of vaults, security, ventilation, lighting and transport costs. The air in mines becomes smaller, it is more contaminated. On his arrival and additional cleaning is required more and more money. There are other bottlenecks such as hard extraction and uplift of rocks, the creation of preparatory workings, the change of the development system. The presence of even one of these complications affects the safety of the works and influences technical and economic indices of the mines and mining excavations. It is appropriate to carry out reconstruction of outdated facilities.

the Goal of creating a three-dimensional reconstruction of mines and mining

Mines and workings that have passed their period of profitable, but even have valuable layers are combined by reconstruction in a system with a single service, aerial parts, transport, and treatment facilities and access roads. They must have a common layer of valuable species or simple layers. Compliance with safety at work – the main condition of such Association. The following is a feasibility study for production increase. The trunks of the wells of larger diameter with the transport and ventilation passages are combined into one system that provides power gains. Narrow and unpromising trunks closed and not operated on.

creating a three-dimensional reconstruction of mines and mining requires to combine the old quarter, but still promising trunks, and completion of additional new trunks, if they are needed for efficient operation.

At the same time increases safety, saves time and energy working and to improve the conditions of production at a lower cost. There is an opportunity to introduce new machinery to re-equip the production of modern technologies and improve economic performance.

What exactly is improved when you create a three-dimensional reconstruction of mines and mining?

  1. System-opening, development and preparation of mineral resources for extraction.
  2. Ventilation system and air purification from impurities.
  3. is Rationalized by way of ground transport.
  4. Major and minor units to be refurbished for more efficient use.
  5. working environment becomes more comfortable and safe.

Why create a three-dimensional reconstruction of mines and mining is the most effective currently?

LLC "Guild Engineering" is engaged in creation of models for reconstruction of mines and mining in three-dimensional space using drones and quadrocopters. This is the most accurate and promising method to combine into one of these objects and the rational extraction of mineral resources, which is a real breakthrough in geographic information systems. Using 3D space to easily accommodate all the characteristics of the object, to bring them into a single system, to make the slightest changes. It is easy to reflect the broader perspective of the mine shafts and workings, to cancel narrow and deep, improving transitions, fixing and other systems. Preparation, Stripping and cleaning processes will be seen firsthand. The creation of three-dimensional reconstruction of mines and mining allows to identify the volumes produced rocks to predict their numbers in the future. In addition, it is possible to determine the effect of such a reconstruction on the ecology of the area.

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