Help on the geological composition of the soil

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Many ask about the need to get help on soils, on this basis it is necessary to produce the Geology of the site. Geology is a very important science in many areas. Is no exception and construction. Here is actively applied engineering Geology. Every year more and more people realize the importance of geological studies for its structure and order this service in various companies specializing in this issue, including in our. If earlier owners of plots were often down the procedure, now, learning from the mistakes of others, try to arrange most complete list of works.  Determine  composition of soils for construction just need on the site where the planned construction process, as well as to conduct laboratory testing of soils. Because with their help you can define everything, even the smallest, especially the composition of the soil.

Engineering Geology brings together a number of works that aim to be comprehensive and thorough study of a particular territory:

  • Drilling operations to create wells, of which will take samples for analysis;
  • soil Testing directly on site with the use of field equipment;
  • Studies in the laboratory those samples undisturbed samples of the patterns, which were taken during drilling operations;
  • Complete soil investigation to determine each of its layers and composition of the soil in General;
  • the Study of groundwater on the subject of their depth, activity and composition;
  • Identify the extent of soil freezing;
  • laboratory tests of soils;
  • Calculations of possible deformation processes of soil;
  • the Definition of the so-called endurance soil - the ability to withstand heavy loads in the form of construction projects;
  • Projection situation for the future and forecasting of possible changes in the soil composition at the site;
  • Obtaining information concerning the possible negative effects that may affect future designs. These phenomena include landslides, flooding, landslides, and other.

If you conduct a comprehensive research, you can get to give the customer help on the geological composition of the soil. As well as picture of the geological features of the site. Based on them, is formed in the direction of construction, select the type of Foundation and its depth, option waterproofing, also raises the issue of additional fortifications Foundation, installation of drainage systems and the adoption of other measures that will help to minimize the negative consequences of aggressive soil.

Geological work should be carried out on the basis of normative documents. This should only be used the most modern technology or research will not be useless. Such devices are drilling rigs of various capacities depending on the soil type and the depth of drilling. Besides them, there are a number of hardware and software for laboratory work and data processing. Each of the devices must have the appropriate certificates and periodically to confirm.

Upon completion of work, the results of the studies prepared reporting documentation, and serves as the basis when developing the project. However, in some cases, you may need this certificate to provide to the relevant authorities, which not all companies are able to provide. To issue a certificate about the geological composition of the soil, which will imatu legal force, you can contact our company "Guild Engineering". Our specialists will make this document accordingly, all regulations and requirements. To request this service at the phone number given on our website or by writing a message in the online chat to our expert. The efficiency of operations and well-written document we guarantee.

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