Static sensing of soil

Static sensing of soils classified as geological surveys. Specialists-geologists unanimously agree that this method of soil research is the most effective, giving the most complete information. Love geologists static sounding deserved because it is an ad hoc fashion and not too costly from a material point of view. Very good he has already proven itself in the study of soil for construction of pile foundations. This work was and remains the key for this method. Due to the static sensing, you can receive the most accurate and complete information about the character of the soil and geological features of the site, to be the right project for the Foundation. But increasingly, this method is not only used for design of pile foundations, but in the other geological activities.

By static sensing you can get information about the density of the soil, susceptibility to deformation, its homogeneity or heterogeneity in the entire area, and boundaries of each of the elements included in the composition of the soil.

the Methodology of this procedure lies in the indentation in the ground probe. Moreover, the process of indentation should be continuous and not be interrupted before the end. Continuity is necessary in order to properly take readings that are recorded continuously during the procedure. If the force with which the indentation, reaches its limit, the process is terminated. Also the signal for the termination will serve the appropriate depth, which reaches the equipment during sensing. To get really accurate and objective data, immerse the probe need at a depth of over 10 meters. Especially when it comes to large-scale construction works. If the area is small and the building is planned also small, it can be limited to 5 meters.

Features of the procedure static sensing will vary depending on what type of soil will be investigated. Thus, close attention should be paid subsiding soils. A distinctive feature of such studies is their conduct in conditions of adequate water saturation of the soil. If necessary, during the immersion of the probe is necessary in parallel to supply water, thereby performing the soaking of the soil, to obtain the correct information.

Guild Engineering makes geological survey one of the main directions of its activity. Accordingly, we practice all possible in the examination of the soil by various criteria and characteristics. CPT is no exception. Professional equipment that meets all the requirements, and special software allow to obtain accurate data and handled appropriately. Thus, we can provide you with full information regarding the properties of the soil in your area.

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