Cost of conducting a geological survey

If you have land and all documents of title to him, in dreams you already draw a picture of a beautiful life in a new cozy house with a green garden. And you might even consulted with the architect on the draft of the house. However, it is not that simple in practice. You don't want your dreams were destroyed along with the house? And it can happen. And let it will not fall to your feet. But you will severely injure the life flooded basement or the basement, cracks and subsidence phenomena, as well as other unpleasant moments in the behavior of your newly built home.

And then you remember that missed one small but important detail - geological survey. In the first place with their dreams of home you should not go to the architects and to professional geologists. It is possible, first, for you it may seem a waste of time, unnecessary financial investments. But remember, what consequences can lead this economy. Yes, people with tight bulging wallet and planning large construction site, do not hesitate to order and Geology. And those who have limited finances and all construction costs calculated to the penny, it will be difficult to convince myself of the necessity geological survey. But to convince all I need. Because the Geology of your area will provide you with a lot of useful and relevant information, which may fully affect the project design.

Geology focused on the study of earth, its separate elements. Particularly relevant such surveys, when talking about the industry, infrastructure, engineering structures - all those buildings, which are an additional burden and require additional security controls.

With the engineering data, we can determine how to place the building, what building materials to choose what additional security measures and strengthening to do. Perhaps your site will prove to be unsuitable for the design that you have drawn in my dreams. Without research you would have raised and spent money for nothing. Hence the main objective of the geological survey is to determine the feasibility of construction in General.

How should be organized process that you as the customer receive the correct, high quality results? Geological survey is a series of sequential actions, which can be supplemented by others in some cases - depending on the site and construction.

We conduct surveys in this order. First and foremost, our experts familiar with the place, with the data and, based on this information, specification is made.

Then we work directly on site. The number and extent of geological procedures at this stage directly depends on what will be built. For small objects, we drilled three or four wells and take therefrom samples of soil layers and groundwater. For structures more serious set of processes is expanding - the soil is examined for strength and endurance, it is sounding.

When the work on the site over all samples delivered to the laboratory for comprehensive analysis. Then all this information is passed on processing. Specialists responsible for this piece of work, processes the received data and make a detailed report. It shall contain all the data, and draws conclusions and offers recommendations on the choice of construction material and type of Foundation design.

Those who care about the cost of conducting geological surveys, I should say that this question is solved individually in each case and depends on a combination of factors - and the site itself, and the set works, and characteristics of the future building.

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