Building geodesy

At the first stage of construction, the customer needs to determine where the area will be home? We have a layout plan. There is a geodetic organization. There is a contractor that performs the first stage of construction works - development of the Foundation pit. Surveyors passed the axis of the builders. And proceeds to business specialist construction geodesy (superintendent, foreman, surveyor). Usually it has no modern equipment(total station, gps). He is often armed with thread, tape, theodolite, level, plumb, square. He uses antiquated methods for marking pegs under the excavator. Sometimes markup for complex configuration, the surveyor will require a minimum of 2 assistant, and a couple of days for marking. If an error is detected, it is possible to correct time will have to spend even more than to lay out all over again.

the Why not all of them, even the most experienced surveyors, to undertake, where we visited a facility?
First, construction geodesy has its own specifics and trebovaniya to the documentation
secondly, to make the axis so that they were convenient to use contractors, and harder to destroy Stroiteley.

in Addition to precision in the breakdown of axes, you need to be able to defend their case when disputes (and disputes in construction with the surveyors to happen almost every day, there is not a pile scored, the column is bent, the axle is messed up the road's curve, the peg broke, was it the fault of the surveyor. And at each jamb has a reason, and in 99% of cases the charges it's not the surveyor).

So construction be only stress-resistant professionals, who do not know the taste of office work in the manufacture of patiotic, or technical documentation for privatization, or just don't like to sit in the office.

it is No exaggeration to say that the surveyor on a construction site is a link of the whole process. Beginning and end of all construction. Because he not only makes the pegs at the axle breakdown. He supervises excavation work to regulate their conduct.

Special significance surveyors, when it comes to large-scale facilities multi-storey residential, commercial or business centers, industrial enterprises. You need to accurately position the object on the site, to fulfill his landing on the ground, smash pit, to determine the volume of the earth. Naturally, for small objects, these works are also performed, but not in such quantities. Surveyors are in full control of the construction process, and carefully monitor the actions of contractors, checking their regular Executive filming at the end of each of the key stages of construction.

special attention is given the role of the surveyor in work on communication lines. Their project development, gasket or hose to the new structure requires very careful and responsible approach. Otherwise, neglect is fraught with violation of the rules and emergency situations.

Very relevant geodetic work during construction is the control of quality of rendering of the project in nature. In other words, control over quality of installation and construction works. Such surveying work allow time to determine deformation and deviation from the design documentation and to take certain actions to eliminate them. Quality control is performed on completion of each stage of construction. Thanks to high-quality it is possible to correct all the mistakes of the builders. If they are detected, it can lead to the occurrence of accidents. This geodetic control is called as - built survey. Its results shall be compiled as-built documentation.

Among the wide range of services for construction, provided by the company " Guild Engineering":
Stakeout of utilities, boundary markers; the breakdown colon, walls; drafting of the General plan; land surveys and more.

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