Geodetic works in construction

the Cost of geodetic support of construction is high, because it requires the participation of highly qualified surveyors, which shall be confirmed by the state certificates engineer surveyor, can only be a chartered engineer with experience in the specialty and pass the exam before the qualification Commission. On the end center operations and consolidating made axes signed an act and produced by passing the fixed signs on the safety representative customer organization, a document signed by the surveyor failed to pass the qualification exam, and have not received a certificate is considered invalid. Prices for surveying support (software) construction and marking works is determined depending on the location, type, and configuration structure, volume and pace of work, as well as whether the team surveyors to attend the daily object or leave as necessary.

In currently this option is most acceptable. The customer, thus increasing The efficiency surveyor and thus save money on geodetic marking works.

To perform Stakeout work required by the construction project on the geological or layout drawings. Necessary to split the data (surveying, they called the center elements - the angles, distances, and excess) prepare in advance by analytical methods. During the geodesic breakdown of their lay with surveying instruments from points outside the center bases and terrain found and fixed the point of intersection of the axes the new facilities. Geodesic breakdown of high-altitude made from existing permanent and temporary frames.

Approximate pricing for surveying

Geodetic works in construction (geodetic support construction) are a set of measurements, calculations, and builds in the drawings and nature, providing correct and accurate placement of buildings and structures, as well as the construction design and planning elements in accordance with geometrical parameters of the project

Service Name Price
Removal limits areas to 10 points 3000 UAH.
Topographic private land without uzhozhdennya 3000 UAH.
Mapping survey of private land with the press HolovAPU 4500 UAH.
Breakdown geodetic axes for building 3000 UAH.
Executive surveying 3000 UAH.
Geology section 5900 UAH.
Obtaining a copy M1: 2000 and situational plan 3000 UAH.

Geodetic control must be at all stages construction:
< / br> Preparatory construction period, engineering surveys for construction:

the Main period of construction:


Geodetic marking works is an important step before beginning new construction. From the correctness of calculation and execution determines whether to build the structure to put it. laying building footprint enough tightly regulated modern building codes. Detailed breakdown of the internal axes must be done more carefully.

Manufacturer Executive surveys

the Main the purpose Executive filming in construction - set the accuracy of the sentencing project structures in nature and identify all deviations from the project made in the process construction. This is achieved by determining the actual coordinates characteristic points of the structure, the size of their individual elements and parts, distances between them and other data. Executive surveys and marking works are in the construction process as the end of the individual steps and end the final shot of the finished structure. The results of measurement displayed on the special schemes geodetic documentation. Executive documentation is the result of surveying as-built surveying and can to be presented both in text and in electronic form. It reflects the actual performance of the design decisions, i.e. the actual the position of the object of capital construction and its elements. Executive schemes in construction be compiled on the basis of requirements of normative documents requirements of state supervision, supervision of project organization, technical supervision of the customer. read More about the Executive geodesic shooting...

Some statements from the SNP engineering surveys for construction (Construction norms and regulations SNiP 3.03.01-87 "Bearing and enclosing structures" (appr. the resolution of Gosstroy of the USSR from December 4, 1987, N 280) (amended on may 22, 2011) ):

  • the Customer is obliged to create geodetic center Foundation for the construction and not less than 10 days before the commencement construction works send in stages contractor technical documentation on it and fixed on the site points basis, including
  • before you center works the contractor shall check the continuity of the situation marks the center of a network of buildings (structures) by repeated measurements of network elements.
  • the List of critical structures and parts of buildings (structures)to be Executive survey when performing inspection, should to be defined project organization.
  • the Results of geodetic (instrumental) checks when operating the control shall be recorded in a General journal papers.
  • circuit and drawings, based on the results of the Executive shooting should be used during acceptance inspection, drafting as-built documentation and evaluation of quality of construction works.

Drawing on vast experience in construction surveying our commercial Department it is possible to calculate geodesy and lay it in the estimate for the entire period of construction from small garica to the factory complex in the 800 Ha to 4 years of construction.

Some recommendations on good contractors in geodetic support of construction:

  • check their material-technical base, the availability of the necessary equipment. Often surveyors undertake the work without having the devices in the hope to rent or buy on credit at the expense of your order. Their error in the calculation of the solvency may adversely impact the safety of the device. If you plan to make an advance payment for the work you should definitely check out their experience in similar contracts, as well as to the company's Charter capital was not less than the amount of the advance. As a geodetic organization at the construction site will not be without a laptop, loaded all the latest drawing software and interface cables and cords for communication devices with computers.
  • to specify the composition of specialists with the qualification certificates now on the Executive documentation must be registered printing specialist.
  • check the accounting document for the legality of the execution of payment transactions.

also, in cooperation with the geodetic organization all Executive and accounting documentation should be provided in time. There are cases when all Executive surveys and geodetic marking works on a residential building with 20 floors were "drawn" for 2 days at the end of construction when commissioning, including already buried foundations and columns are sewn, with this approach, not what kind of control cannot be and speeches. In this case the customer pays not for flow control, and for the "funny pictures".

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