Topographic scheme

Almost every land sooner or later becomes the object of the surveys. This  leads change of ownership or desire to organize a territory to build or make alterations to existing designs. For all these purposes and the necessary surveying.

Central research procedure is a topographic survey and development related documents. Schema topographic – here is one of the main graphic materials based on the results of the topographic survey.  

Topographic schema is graphic document that conveys specific features of the terrain – topography, location of existing or planned facilities, communications. It is developed based on measurement procedures and calculation processes. This uses special equipment that helps you to make photos.

Schema can act as a separate, independent material. In this case we are talking about a graphic document that is developed for a specific purpose. Thus, a separate circuit can be focused on the transfer of the location of communication lines underground and on the ground. For landscaping may be designed scheme with an emphasis on green areas, water bodies.

But topographic scheme may be not only stand-alone document, but also to enter into the complex materials of design in nature. In this case, it plays an important role environments of all documents. Because it transmits all the features of the study area, and therefore, based on its data, you can plan the location of future buildings.

As mentioned, topographic scheme is the result of the topographic survey. It is the quality of this procedure depends on the quality of the graphic document. It is necessary to observe all stages of the shooting, not ignoring and omitting the preparatory process. It is important to examine the materials relating to this site before field work. Choose field work conducted at least carefully. They are implemented through the above-mentioned geodetic equipment, which ensures high accuracy of information and efficiency of the whole process. Completes the survey cameral stage at which information is processed and translated into graphics. Just at this stage and is born topographic scheme. Its scale can vary within a rather broad range – from large as, for example, 1:500 to very small – 1:5000. It all depends on the size and destination of the circuit.

In some cases, the schematization is ordered separately and is held on the basis of previously completed surveys by other professionals. This approach is valid, but it is better to avoid. The thing is that previous work could be performed correctly, with errors. Consequently, the results will be distorted. As a result, the scheme will also contain erroneous data, and these shortcomings will be discussed further on all important materials. To avoid this snowball of problems and errors, better book the simultaneous holding and surveying, and the compilation of topographic schema. Moreover, the basis need to take a fresh survey data, outdated information will be irrelevant. If you need a topographic scheme, please contact the company Guild Engineering, which will hold any geodetic surveys, in combination, or separately.

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