Schema plot 10 acres, 15 acres, 6 acres

Action:schematic plot of 10 acres for the price of the scheme area is 6 acres cost 1200 UAH;
the circuit area of 25 acres and the land 15 acres for the price of the scheme area is 12 acres cost 1500 USD;
The deadline 3 days! Vyderjivaet in any application and in any scale.

Land there are different set of characteristics. One of them, which affects the purpose and value is the size. It is from the area, you can plan the layout of the objects on it. If you have any on the scale of the plot, you can plan what and where there will be by the making of the scheme area. This scheme represents a General plan of the territory of plot 15 acres, which is projected on the topographic plan of scale 1:200 or 1:500, was received during the respective survey. Typically, schematization undertakes large scale of 1:500. Topographic mapping at this scale has another name - "'ll think". It contains all the necessary information about the land. Topoplan is a drawing of a large scale, which is depicted using conventional symbols. Scale is observed at any point and in any direction. Topographic survey is performed with geodetic instruments. This document is applied to all objects, and distances from one another, from the main and access roads. Also on the land 10 acres should be, and all communications systems.

Some argue that having a topographic plan, you can easily make a diagram of your site yourself. However, this is a very risky idea. Because you need to thoroughly know all the rules, all quantitative indicators and to properly understand the drawings. Also, the hands need to have all schemes of engineering structures, the project plans. In view of such a large amount of information and documentation, if you are not associated with surveying or engineering, and versed in these matters only on materials Internet resources, you will be hard to delve into the essence of schematization.  In this case, do not skimp and contact our company. Because it employs an experienced and professional engineers and surveyors who have made more than one hundred, or a thousand schemes suburban areas 10 acres, and your site plan 15 acres will stir in all the previous experiments in other areas.

the Most optimal for efficient construction is a plot of 10 acres, 15 acres, or an area of 6 acres. It has enough space for implementation of any ideas related with housing, and with a place for recreation, and for a vegetable garden. But at the same time, is not boundless plantation, tending which spent a lot of time and effort.

In the first place when performing a schematization of the territory, namely diagram of the 12 hectare site, you must pay attention to the terrain relief and the advantages and disadvantages of the outline of the plot of 15 acres is expressed in the horizontals. After all, the plot can be several by the nature of the objects - buildings, green zone. An integral element are communication lines. And their place strip also depends on the terrain.

in Addition to relief, taken into account and shape the public. Not all areas in square or rectangular. Some instead of four angles are on the order of or more in certain places generally rounded.

in Addition to these geodetic parameter plays a role and geological measure of the nature of the soil and its components. So you can understand whether this area is favorable for gardening or it can be broken only residential area.

Our experts will not only make you plan of land 10 acres based on the available technical documentation. But  will give you a consulting conversation about how best to locate a particular object, that at the same time to implement all your plans and to meet those characteristics, which are vested in the plot. And if the technical documents you already have, its development in our jurisdiction. plot 10 acres will give the designer an understanding of what the mark of the floor to adopt zero, and in what part of the site to locate the building.

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