Diagram of the device of the pond

Not everyone has the opportunity to settle around the reservoir with cool blue water and sandy beach. But sometimes we want to lie down near the water, feeling its coolness and enjoy the sun in drops. You can build a small pond on the site, if you have  area. If you do everything by the rules, you can get a decent result. You need schema pond.

diagram of the device of the pond

As you know, the reservoirs are divided into natural and artificial. Ponds can also be natural, which is created by nature and functioning according to the law of the ecosystem, as well as man-made. The successful existence of the latter depends on human action. If the pond is man-made, it is necessary to independently and fill it with water, and arrange, and clean.

the Creation of an artificial pond is the creation of a water system. And in this case the main thing – to adhere to all rules and most accurately convey all the natural conditions of the reservoir. The main conditions for the successful functioning of the pond three. First, is the constant presence of water, which should not go into the ground. Secondly, it is the maintenance of biological balance. Thirdly, the purity of water and timely cleansing.

in Addition, in the regeneration of the waterfront should be maintained to some rules. First of all, it is the presence of the corresponding square footage. On the small territory of the pond cannot be broken. Next is a sufficient amount of green space, and the lack of communication in the place of arrangement of the reservoir. To correctly position the reservoir at the site and identify its main components will help the scheme.

And, you will need not only diagram of the device of the pond, but also the purification scheme of the pond. In order to develop each of these graphic types, the required complex of geodetic and geological works. It is  they must start the device reservoir. Geological work will help determine whether the soil stored at the site, for the location therein of a water body. The soil should be loose and not able to bear a weight that is water.

Geodetic works involve the study of the territory by shooting, in order to determine the most appropriate for the reservoir. It is also necessary to review the documentation relating to the locality and territory. This coupled with geodetic field work will help to set the location of the communication lines. And they, in turn,  are the main factor that affects the location of the water body.

the Data of geodetic works are presented in graphical document – schema of the pond. By bringing together all the indicators, you can make educated waterfront project with all the features. Schema pond includes a detailed graphic image of a pond with fixing all elements. Transmitted form, which will have a water object, its size in the appropriate scale, the depth, the sequence of soil layers. Also are marked on waterproofing and drainage. In some cases, the reservoir may be arranged in such a way that will have electrical power. This applies, for example, the filter cleaning or backlight. The location of the power supply cables must also be applied to the scheme, as this is an important point arrangement.

During the design of the reservoir special attention should be paid to the water purification system. This requires schema pond cleaning. The best option is to install a special filter cleaning.

Schema of the pond – a required element of the arrangement. So be it, and conduct all related work necessary to trust the professionals of the company  the Engineering Guild.

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