Schema of the land

Scheme land is a site plan, drawn up on the basis of topographic surveys in the traditional scale of 1:500. Developing the scheme to determine the location of each object, which is planned to erect on the site. In addition to the location of the alleged construction, the scheme applied red line, the distance from one element to another, and from the constructed object to the borders of the termination site. The location of the communication lines is also reflected in the diagram of the land.

Scheme land you may need during the process of obtaining construction permits. It is not separate document, and is part of the technical documentation. As a separate document, it does not have such power, as other geodetic materials. But without a schema also you won't be able to make. When this scheme is not only a material of a graphic nature, but also a text component. The descriptive part includes this information: detailed characteristics of the territory in which you plan to perform any work, the technical rationale for the construction or renovation work. Also should be part of the engineering features that will be applied and considered in the construction.

If scheme land is made to provide appropriate management options information included in it, may vary depending on who is the customer of construction. If it is a physical person who plans to erect a dwelling, the amount of information will be a standard. At the same time, for legal entities, this list is much wider.

land is developed at the design stage, before approving the project. While the location of the planned facilities may be different depending on the area. Plays a role and form - perhaps this is a square or rectangular area. And may be an option, when it will have four corners, and, for example, six. So, may be the area in the shape of the letter "G".

This document compared to other surveying  materials quite easily and quickly performed. The main thing is to have all the indicators, accurate data. To compile the scheme area will need not only a topographic plan, and other technical and regulatory documentation. The schema compiler should have complete information about the rules of the distances from one element to another, and also to learn all the parameters of the study area. Only by having a complete set of data, and correctly read a topographic plan, you can quickly and accurately map the land.

of Course, you may try yourself to understand all geodetic subtleties of drawing up such a document, relying on its simplicity. However, a separate process will take you a lot of time, most of which you will spend on learning the details, rules and other theoretical data. However, this may ultimately be wrong in the practical part. Why not tempt fate and do not skimp on this work. Moreover, it is not too expensive. Qualified surveyors company Guild Engineering will carry out all necessary preparatory processes will make a topographical survey will plan and develop a scheme of land. And if you already have all the necessary technical documentation, then we will quote you a diagram with all regulations.

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