Site plan showing the location of electrical installations

Situational geodetic plan of the site

Situational surveying the area plan is a document that is needed for the successful design of any structure and also it is usually included in the documentation package on a separate plot. If a site plan was drawn up before the station and there was any construction or repair work, it is irrelevant and cannot be used in the future. In this regard, it is important that before you start designing all the necessary documentation was at the customer.

A site plan showing the location of the installation has its own characteristics. For such a document is characterized by the image of the situation in a selected area, without specifying the forms of relief, as on the topographic plan. Situational plan is the designation of parts of the world that helps in the work of architects. These designations provide an opportunity to determine which part of the territory will be lighted in the afternoon and evening and to plan the location of lighting on the local area. Often to more information, specialists are used as situational, topographic plan, which complement each other. The scale of the site plan is determined between the customer and the employees of geodetic company "Guild Engineering" before the beginning of the studies.

How to get a site plan?

Situational survey plan You can contact the employees of LLC "Guild Engineering" that will help You in solving this issue. Our organization employs highly qualified staff who can provide all the necessary services, to carry out field and laboratory research and compile all the necessary documentation. To perform the job, our specialists use modern equipment, which is annually checked for accuracy. This allows you to avoid instrumental errors that would normally occur quite frequently and may adversely affect the data obtained. In order to obtain a site plan indicating the location of the installation, our craftsmen perform topographic surveying.

This kind of topographic works is based on a detailed determination of the spatial coordinates of all objects which are located in a certain area. In particular, the master's attention paid to the determination of the coordinates of the communication systems. It is also important to determine the location of the installation relative to other engineering structures. These data are necessary for the design of the new building, because at this stage should be defined as any source the construction will eat current, and also to solve the issue with connecting to other communication systems. A site plan showing the location of the installation can be made by craftsmen from the company "Guild Engineering" simultaneously with the topographic map of the site.

To determine the exact coordinates of the installation is only possible with the help of special equipment – theodolites or tacheometers. That is why, if You need a site plan showing the location of the installation, you should turn to professionals who can conduct studies and write reports. All work is carried out in compliance with current regulations and state standards. It is worth noting that our firm has a state license for carrying out geodetic and geological work. That is, all the documents that You will receive in the company "Guild Engineering" are legally binding and may be provided in state institutions.

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