Through tacheometric survey

through tacheometric surveying at a price of 500 USD, and around the cost for individuals and businesses customers.

through tacheometric survey is part of surveying. And if to be more precise, a kind of topographical survey. It was named so, because in this shot uses a special geodetic instrument total station. The result of the operation is to plan a certain area with a detailed drawing of the topography and other features. Through tacheometric surveying can be a separate geodetic procedure that aims to display all the components of the object at a certain scale (the scale is determined depending on the customer's needs). In addition, this service may be part of a comprehensive surveying of the territory.

This method of research areas should be used in cases when you need to make cadastral or project documentation for a specific territory or group of territories. The biggest advantage of through tacheometric shooting appears when you need to explore a small area and a narrow area, for example, road by road, rail or communication line. In addition, you can withdraw any locations, objects, structures and buildings, landscape features (parks, squares). In addition to comprehensive surveys, it can capture and separate objects that can act as reference points (pole or Bush), the objects of agricultural use and industrial mining sites.

as the name suggests, this method allows you to simply and quickly make the necessary measurements. Need only one time to properly restore the device to the desired point and the picture is ready. Thus, you can get the coordinates of the territory, and the high-rise point. This procedure is in contrast to other types of geodetic measurements can be performed at any time, regardless of weather conditions. And if you apply instead of the handheld digital devices, and for calculations and plans modern software, it is possible to achieve the most accurate results in the shortest possible time. Our company uses only the most advanced tools for any geodetic survey. Is no exception and tacheometry. With new technologies, the process goes quickly and efficiently.

Naturally, every individual object and the process through tacheometric shooting must be adjusted to the specific situation under the object that you want to remove, under its scale and topographic features. However, there is a specific sequence of actions that accompany through tacheometric survey. First you need to set up the equipment, install it in the desired position on those points that are most optimal for shooting. Measurement error should be not less than 1 centimeter. Such precision can only be achieved with quality appliances and qualifications of the professionals who perform these actions. We can provide you the result of running through tacheometric survey, you will be very pleased.

Tacheometric surveying has its advantages and disadvantages. This survey amongst the surveying has such advantage: tacheometric surveying may be carried out in various weather conditions both in favorable and unfavorable, with laboratory work performs other specialist. Thanks to this work is carried out much faster, and the quality of work remains high. The timing for the preparation of topographical plan significantly reduced. The disadvantage is the lack of possibility of timely detection of errors and mistakes during the shooting, which can be made by comparing the plan made with the terrain on which tacheometric surveying. To plan out on the basis of data obtained as a result of field work, as well as the Foundation can serve as sketches.

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