Technical survey of unauthorized constructions

Over the years, our country has erected many buildings of different types, the construction of which had not been agreed with the local competent authorities, and accordingly, the quality of these buildings was responsible only for the holding owners. To purchase these homes is quite dangerous, as nobody will be able to provide reliable information and assurances on these buildings. However, today the situation is such that similar objects quite a lot, so in any case require the solution of such problems. Because neither sell nor buy such houses, in accordance with the current legislation,  almost impossible.

However, given the recent adopted a bill on the so-called "building Amnesty" for unauthorized constructions, which regulates such matters, the owners have the opportunity to legalize these objects. It's enough to hold a technical inspection of bearing structures of the building. Of course, that such work should only be performed by those organizations that have a right to pursue such research.

in addition, the specialists, who will perform a technical inspection of unauthorized constructions must also have considerable work experience, because they have to deal with the projected building, which if necessary can be corrected, and with the existing ones. Employees of the company "Guild Engineering" meet all the listed requirements and have extensive experience in performing similar work. On our website geotop.cо You can read more about list of geotechnical services provided by our organization.

this conclusion is very important, as is estimated, not only the structural condition, but also their reliability and safety. Having an opinion on the conduct of these surveys, we can safely apply to the relevant authorities. What should be checked in the course of these observations?

first of all, the structural condition, that is the Foundation of the building. It is known that the presence of Foundation cracks or other damage leading to the destruction of the object. Secondly,  the conclusion is drawn about in what condition are the building structure, i.e. walls, floors, etc. And thirdly, given the conclusion about what the repair was carried out in the house and how well.

From all of the above we can conclude that there is most comprehensive and detailed review of all designs. This helps to ensure that the building is constructed of high quality, has no defects and is in poor condition. When performing surveys is carefully examined all available for this home documentation, including design, cost estimate, etc.

Previously, our staff will check with the customer what parts of the building he wants to check which destinations are pursuing and what does it do. This information is necessary in order to determine the choice of technique, which will be conducted of the work and to select appropriate equipment. In addition, the mandatory negotiated the deadlines.

At the end of doing all the research, the customer receives a report on compliance with its home state's requirements, building regulations, etc. Also indicate that the building complies with the standards of the sanitary and fire safety.

the Staff of our company will quickly and efficiently perform You a technical survey of the building and provide all the necessary documentation.

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